Tips for New Players

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Tips for New Players

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Create an origin account for your town. Keep the 'confirm donut spend' set to 'on' to avoid spending donuts on something you don't want. Enter the store > then tap small cog top right, as shown below.


Sometimes the donut spend confirmation gets turned off when your game updates. It's a good idea to periodically check to make sure it's on.
Tap the Build/Store Icon - lower right


Tap the Gear Icon - upper right



Check "ON" Confirm Donut Spend





How to find your Mayhem ID:

Screenshot 2023-10-13 141553.png
Screenshot 2023-10-13 141726.png
When you are downloading or updating the game, DO NOT carry on playing, even though the instructions on the main screen say that you can. There is a chance that some files may be corrupted if you play before it has finished downloading.

Building prices and build times from level 10. NOTE: You may not receive quest lines for buildings in the order listed.

Buildings in BLUE are for squidport, RED are for Krustyland, YELLOW do not have a task to build them and GREEN require Springfield Heights materials.
Quests for buildings will not unlock until prerequisite quest lines have been completed. Event related quests may take precedence over main quest lines. Levels shown are the minimum XP level ( game level ) required.Level 43 requires you to purchase Princess Penelope and Krusty's Giant wheel and requires tickets from Krustyland. Your game will stop giving you quests until you buy it so do not neglect krustyland
Screenshot 2023-10-13 143130.png
Screenshot 2023-10-13 143159.png
Screenshot 2023-10-13 143215.png
Screenshot 2023-10-13 143230.png
Add friends to gain Friends Prizes by visiting their towns. Make sure you leave some buildings in your town untapped for when friends visit your town.
Screenshot 2023-10-13 143505.png
Screenshot 2023-10-13 143526.png
Friend screen information:
Screenshot 2023-10-13 143851.png
Choose the shortest tasks that fit your playing style. 4 X 1 hours tasks for a regular character pays out $280 total, but 1 X 4 hour task only pays out $175.
There are 45 second tasks for several characters - Homer, Apu, Lisa, Ned, Mr. Burns, Milhouse, Martin, Marge, Snake - that can help to bring in $ and XP quickly over a short period of time.
Screenshot 2023-10-13 144023.png
You can also make a lot of money in a short time by tapping Sideshow Bob in Other Springfield. This is very useful at lower levels
Always have a crop growing at Cletus's Farm. Note that the 12 hour task 'Triffids' does not pay out any $, but gives a larger payout of 200XP. All crops will expire if they are left too long once grown, so try to collect from them promptly. Always have broadcasts at Channel 6 and KBBL Radio.

Near the start of the game, tasks to 'rush with donuts' do not have to be completed. Instead you can choose to wait until the task is finished after the allotted time.

A small tip for saving some money - when you get the series of quests 'it's not easy being green', store one tree and one shrub, then place them in your town, re-store and replace etc. It counts towards the quest line rather than buying more. This also works with the quest 'No trespassing' which is to 'build some chain fencing', and also 'Princess and the Pea Brain' parts 1 and 3 in Krustyland, which asks you to place 2 balloons (part 1) and 10 flowers (part 3).
Homer and Lisa can clear debris, 6 second task. There is a small chance you could gain a donut doing this along with $. Or you could decide to be creative, here is a picture from another forum member:
Screenshot 2023-10-13 144230.png
The small icons shown next to quests in the task list:
Screenshot 2023-10-13 144334.png
You can 'rush' individual characters for free when there is less than 10% of the time remaining, or 1 hour 59 minutes for longer tasks. For example, a 1 hour task can be rushed for free when there is 5 minutes, 59 seconds left. NOTE: Krustyland tasks CANNOT be rushed for free.

You can 'skip' one challenge per day by tapping the X in the top corner.
Screenshot 2023-10-13 144431.png
Krustyland tickets:  When all quest lines have been completed there, you can exchange tickets for $ by tapping on the KL entrance.When you hit 3 billion in game cash this option disappears.
There is a small chance of getting donuts when playing the game 'sideshow you' in Krustyland:
Screenshot 2023-10-13 144655.png
The 5 donut prize is believed to be awarded after 300 balloon pops, equaling 100 plays of Sideshow You.

If you spend a long time in your game at one time, synchronise your game often by going to friends screen and back to town. Your game should then be saved. This is also a good strategy if you play more than one town or use more than one device.

There are 3 burning bushes (which have a multiplier) that can be found when you buy land expansions. If you take the mountains left to right as letters and the ocean top to bottom as numbers, the first 4 plots of land you start with are C2, D2, C3, D3.(Co-ordinates exclude the ocean expansion) and the Springfield Heights tunnel is at B1. The burning bush locations are at A7, E1, L10.
One early questline begins at level 15, Squidport. It is a good idea to buy land towards the ocean to prepare for this expansion, as making all the Squidport tiles take a long time. The last quest in this chain, part 16, requires a total of 31 tiles. The 31st tile costs $7500 and takes 6 hours to make.

The term NPC means Non-Playable Character. Generally this means a character in your town which does not have tasks and won't earn $ and XP, although there are a few exceptions. One exception is Big Claw, when tapped, may drop $ or XP.
Info on Mystery Boxes
Posted by @girl22721 on 7 July 2017:
I had a farm of around 500 x Lard Lad for quite awhile. If you don't mind their size, the earnings from them are pretty good, being premium with 4 hour collection time; however I've grown tired of such short collection times and I no longer need this level of earnings so replaced them all. I put thousands of houses and other farmed buildings into storage; replaced only by orange houses, simply because those have the longest collection times (16 hours). I've recently passed $1 billion and 6000% multiplier, so don't need to be too concerned about maximising earnings anymore!
That said, I never sell anything either (except for trucks and KEMs of course) since you only get 25% back!
There are basically 3 levels of cycles to the Mystery Box results, although the general shape of the basic 7-8 item patterns are all you really need to know, together with the fact that it works out at slightly under 8 donuts per 1% bonus. The outcomes are fixed and you can stop/start buying them whenever you like, it always resumes from where you left off. The only time it ever deviates is sometimes when the game is very very lagged you can win multiples of the same item consecutively; until it catches up. The 7-8 item patterns make up longer sequences, of which there are 2 variations that alternate after multiple iterations. I probably purchased nearly 10,000 boxes before I retired from building multiplier that way, recording the results so that I could chart and predict them.
From page 24 of the ‘what is your multiplier’ thread, posted September 5th 2017:
girl22721 wrote: »
Okay, here's my chart based on purchasing and tracking the results from many thousands of mystery boxes... there are 8 different patterns of prizes (I've assigned them letters A to H) which follow a fixed order to make two sequences (blue and red) as listed below the chart. The game repeats each sequence 8 times then alternates to the other sequence (the switchover between them actually happens mid-sequence, so please be prepared for a minor change during each 8th iteration)! Enjoy!

I started my town on 12th January 2017 and reached 939 on 10th May 2017. Here is my personal log of using the collider:
I am now running the collider 24/7, results at the end of each set of 10 days:
Collider 2: Level 192 to 295 = 103 levels. Bonus 139.25%
Collider 3: Level 295 to 414 = 119 levels. Bonus 158.50% (mystery box purchases)
Collider 4: Level 414 to 538 = 124 levels. Bonus 170%
Collider 5: Level 538 to 668 = 130 levels. Bonus 189.75% (4 nukes from Eliminator, purchased 1 Knightboat with rebate offer and Faberge Egg)
Collider 6: Level 668 to 810 = 142 levels. Bonus 217%
Collider 7: Level 810 to 939 = 129 levels (1 day, 20 hours left on collider) Bonus 237.25%
My bonus is made up from:
FREE ITEMS: Golden calf idol .75%, dirt pile .25%, 2 burning bushes (1%), 6 Mini nuclear warhead (2.25% each from Eliminator task, total 13.5%)
ITEMS FROM MYSTERY BOXES: tire fire 2%, 29 I&S signs (29%), 28 Channel 6 vans (56%)
ITEMS BOUGHT WITH DONUTS: Homers hammock .25%, 5 X Beach hideaways (100%), 2 X set of flags 15%, Faberge egg (3%), 6 Knightboats (12%)
ITEMS BOUGHT WITH DONUTS, no bonus: Tourists (60D)
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Re: Tips for New Players

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Key levels which unlock new areas/features in the game:

Game Level 8 - Big box daily challenges
Game Level 12 - multiple Kwik-E-Mart's (also known as KEM's) available
Level 15 - Squidport
Game Level 20 - XP collider (free 24 hours when placed in town), Monorail quests.
Game Level 25 - Krustyland
Game Level 26 - Playdough Factory (Maggie) NOTE: the Krustyland Shuttle and the Sea Captain (comes with the Houseboat) are needed to complete this quest line.
Game Level 30 - Springfield Heights
Game Level 35 - World's largest redwood*, IRS building*
Level 40 - Money Mountain*
Level 43 - Quest line for Krustyland, with Princess Penelope. A minimum of 6000 Krustyland Tickets are required for part one of this quest line. The first part of this quest must be completed in order that new quests will appear for levels 44 onwards.
*These take a lot of money to fully upgrade, it is a good idea to leave upgrading until later in the game.


Jebediah Springfield statue


10 donuts from Stonecutters task, credit to 0Brooders0:

Task Stonecutter Homer to sing at the table in his skin. Highlight the task at the table and tap Homer several times to make him giggle for your secret stash of free donuts.

How to find the Mystery Box in the store:


Firstly open the store by tapping on the saw and hammer icon bottom right:



Tap the yellow arrow to show the sub menu in the store (note that you can also access the vault and Springfield Heights in this panel):




Then tap the Homer buddha icon and scroll all the way to the right:


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150104.png


It is a good idea to buy a few Mystery Boxes with donuts. Here are the items you could win:
UNIQUE: 3 characters, Blue Haired Lawyer, Kearney, Squeaky Voice Teen. Tire Fire, Lemon Tree.

REPEATABLE ITEMS News van (2% bonus), I&S board (1% bonus), 30D, 10D, Lard Lad Donuts, Chalmers' ONDA, bomb shelter, Minnow pond, Khlav Khlash stand.

WAYS TO SPEED UP TASKS BY RUNNING THEM AT THE SAME TIME. The rush feature can also be helpful when using the following tips. Note: these tips will not work if the next step in the quest line fails to trigger, although they all worked in my game.


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150231.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150247.png

Screenshot 2023-10-13 150301.png


How to access the Character Collection:

Tap the saw and hammer icon bottom right, then tap the gold Homer statue bottom left.


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150452.png




Outfits for characters and Facades for buildings may be called 'skins' on the forum.


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150542.png


There is an oddity in the way that you can obtain some land in Springfield Heights (once SH has been unlocked). If you buy land in Springfield directly next to the mountain, up to and including the square costing $35,000, then you can 'buy' the square above in SH for 150 chairs. Normally you can only obtain land adjacent to ones already purchased. Here are 2 pictures, before and after buying the $35,000 piece of land:


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150645.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150703.png


You can actually use this quirk to reach the Northward Bound Donut Mines faster.


path to the bridge.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150719.png




Springfield Office of Unemployment (Level 37).


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150934.png


Non-premium character costs:


Screenshot 2023-10-13 150951.png


Premium character costs:


Screenshot 2023-10-13 151018.png


You can send all idle characters on a common task length of 1H, 4H, 8H, 12H, or 24H from the Office of unemployment. There is a fee for this - 25% of the job's base $ reward for non-premium characters and 15% for premium characters.




Screenshot 2023-10-13 151249.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 151303.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 151316.png


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Re: Tips for New Players


About the Conform-o-meter.


Screenshot 2023-10-13 152657.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 152717.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 152726.png






Screenshot 2023-10-13 152918.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 152951.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153008.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153020.png



How to build bridges:


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153256.png

You may have issues if you have un-bought land around where you want the bridges road and river to go




Tips for trying to trigger quests
1. Visit the friends screen and go back to your town so that the game synchronises
2. Storing the character(s) and/or building(s) associated with the person who starts the quest
3. Storing the building where the next quest will take place
4.Log out of the game and log back in again
5. Re-doing the final quest of the previous levels quest line
6. Doing 2 and 3 above together, then 1 above, then replace characters and buildings
7. Make sure you have completed ALL parts of lower level quest lines

There are various theories why quests will not trigger. Some players have stated that a quest line appeared after finishing (or storing) the Money Mountain - it may be that one character, in this case Mr. Burns, was needed for too many quests and one of his tasks had to be completed before another appears. Also, if a character is used for recycling or Springfield Heights, try filling up those resources to the maximum to try and trigger a quest. Event tasks can take precedence over main quest lines. Other examples - The FP prize 'cool Lisa' quest line or a quest line involving a skin for Lisa won in an event may need to be finished before a new main quest line task for her triggers. I was able to trigger a continuation of quest lines for levels 27 and 31 by storing the cooling towers and Mr. Burns, going to friends, returning to town and replacing the cooling towers.

Once Springfield Heights is started, you will be given 2 free squares of land and 1 plot of ocean adjacent to the mountains.
Other sources of Tapped Out information may be found on Simpsonswiki

More information about Tapped Out:

From 28th March 2017, the maximum money a user can have is $4.294.967.295.


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153516.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153612.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153632.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153657.png


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153732.png

Screenshot 2023-10-13 153748.png


Singing Stones:


Screenshot 2023-10-13 153805.png






Screenshot 2023-10-13 154143.png





Alapalme's KEM sim:






Screenshot 2023-10-13 154550.png


Northward Bound Donut Mine Area Info:

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