Re: "This game will not run in a virtual environment".

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"This game will not run in a virtual environment".

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I am using a Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio running Windows 11, newly purchased, and all of my EA games so far (NFS Most Wanted and Bejeweled 3) have failed to launch with an error message saying "This game will not run in a virtual environment".


I have turned off all Virtualization on the machine, Hyper-V and Device Guard and this issue is still cropping up. Please can you help me play the games I have purchased.



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Re: "This game will not run in a virtual environment".

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Hey there, I've been running into a similar issue with Dragon Age 2. Unfortunately EA seems to be ignoring the issue or dancing around the actual problem (despite it being quite a common issue amongst Surface-Pro users - I've found numerous threads on it).


What I found was that I had to re-install Origin. Here's my step-by-step take that seemed to work for DA2, at least (not sure about other games). It's arduous but worth imo.


1. Uninstall EA.

2. Install an older version of Origin (safest bet is probably early 2022). Finish installing, setting it up, etc. Now, you should get a popup with EA basically saying "move to EA!" Ignore this for now.

3. Task Manager > End task (Origin). Make sure that it's closed, or this next part won't work (simply pressing the "x" button doesn't work usually - you have to actually use task manager).

4. Go to Settings > Time and Date settings > change date and time to 01/01/2023.

5. Turn off Wifi/internet connection.

6. Open WinR and go to: C:\ProgramData\Origin\local.xml

7. Below the first "<Settings>" line paste this in: <Setting key="MigrationDisabled" type="1" value="true" />

Save this.


Open Origin and log in (it may show up with a blank screen and seem like it's not working, but that's okay. Keep it open and open the game that you want to play (via a game shortcut would be best). If you're playing the game with Steam, it will ask if it can make changes to your device. Click "no." It may also ask you to go into offline mode. Agree to this.

Your should open. You should be safe to close Origin, turn the WIFI on and change the date and time back to automatic as long as you keep the game window open.


I must say, I hope EA fixes this issue soon, or allows people to use Origin for these purposes because it's kind of a scam to prevent consumers from playing games that they spent money on. Have a good one, stranger. 



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Re: "This game will not run in a virtual environment".

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Same issue with Bejeweled 3 on a Surface Laptop 4 running Windows 11 22H2.

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