EA app currency in Ukraine?

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Re: Buy games in Ukraine

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Hello. So what about payment methods for Ukraine? We do not have payment services from russia, and we have the hryvnia currency in Ukraine not the Russian ruble what we see in shop. All russian services and currencies blocked in our country and many other contries. You could have already made a price in dollars or euros

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payment problem

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Hi, I live in Ukraine. I don't want to pay for games in russian rubles. Can I pay in UAH or at least in USD? I tried to change language and region- nothing happened.

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Re: Buy games in Ukraine

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same situation here.

we, gamers from Ukraine, have been facing payment discrimination since 2014. but EA still doesn't care about that fact, that they force us to pay in a currency of hostile to us state.

you can't understand that we are not 'fridge' russia. USSR collapsed years ago and we have independence state here...

even after 300 days of war you are dealing with these 'fridging' bustards.


i want to buy game but after clicking on 'purchase' it redirects to 'fridgeYooMoney' and 'fridgIWI'. browser even can't open these pages because they were banned since 2014.

but even if i want to open them with vpn, i don't want to send money to a state that bombs civilians.


Pecunia non olet, right EA?

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Re: Buy games in Ukraine

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is it a kind of discrimination? 


why you choose ruzzia as a nearest country instead of Poland? 

how can we use our services, if you only propose us to pay in rubles? do you know that it`s impossible for us to pay in this currency? even if we can - we don`t want to pay in this currency.


is it impossible for Electronic Arts to include UAH or just change rub to usd or eur for Ukrainian gamers? shame on you, and shame on you if you`ll delete my answer

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Re: Buy games in Ukraine

Community Manager

Hey all, our team are aware and working on this.

As soon as we have an update I will reopen this thread and let you all know.


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Re: payment problem

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Hey @tristps our team are aware of this and are working on it.

As soon as I have any more info I will let you know.


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change region

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Hello everyone, I want to change the region of the store to European or Ukrainian.
store prices in bad rubles Frown
And I couldn't download Battlefield I think for the same reason.

I live in Ukraine!

Can I do it myself?

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Why do Ukrainian users have russian rubles as a default currency in Origin?

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I'm a player from Ukraine which is currently being attacked by russia. However, I still have russian rubles as a default currency in Origin/EA Store. I find it completely inappropriate and illogical.

- First of all, conversion to russian rubles is currently unavailable in my country. 

- Secondly, why rubles? It's not an international exchangeable currency, it's not used and hasn't ever been used in our country. I've never held a single ruble in my entire life. Why not American dollars? For example, before introducing our national currency, Steam had dollars as default for Ukraine.

- And lastly, it somehow looks like genocide support from your company. russia tries to occupy our territory. Does EA support russia in this conflict and expect them to overtake our country? Did EA decide to set this currency for us in advance? Hopefully, not. Then, do something about it, don't be a terrorist supporter.


I'm not even asking to add Ukrainian hryvnia to the system, just change rubles to dollars.

Thank you.

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Re: change region

Community Manager

Hey @Zunn0,


You can check your account page here to make sure your registered country correctly matches your location.


Beyond that however, you'll see a storefront near your geographical location if one isn't available for your specific country.


I can completely understand why you'd want to select a specific country or currency in this case, though beyond making sure your country is set correctly at the above account page, you won't be able to set the storefront itself at this time.


We have passed that feedback along and will continue to do so, though we don't have any other information on a change to this just yet. Thanks for taking the time to bring this up!

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Re: change region

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@EA_Mako it's not a big problem for me that the currency is different, a bigger problem is that because of the region I can't download the game.
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