EA app currency in Ukraine?

by Rozzqie

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EA app currency in Ukraine?

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How can I change currency in EA app? My store showing me prices in (RUB) but I'm living in Ukraine 

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Re: PETITION Do opportunity to buy games in Ukraine !

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Hey all, 


Please see the announcement that @EA_Kent provided on this topic below: 

@EA_Kent wrote:

Starting May 31st, the currency for EA app purchases in Ukraine will update to Ukrainian Hryvnia. On select platforms, other existing currency options will still be available. 


You don't need to make any changes on your side. You can keep using the EA app like usual, and you'll see the currency updated automatically on the Store. 


We've worked to make sure pricing stays consistent with this update, but there may be some rare cases where the prices will be different. 

Note: If you're using Origin for Mac, you'll need to make purchases through ea.com to see the updated currency. 


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us! 



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Payment Ukraine not work ! Delete russian rubles from Origin and EA Desktop !

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Product: EA Desktop
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Please describe Payment Ukraine not work ! Delete russian rubles from store !
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Hi. You write you help Ukraine players.

But you forgot Ukraine players.

You write your games and content will no longer be available for purchase in Russian region storefront on Origin or the EA app, including through in-game stores. 

But your games no longer be available for purchase in Ukraine too.

In Ukraine region you set russian rubles as money currency.

Now all transactions credit card with russian rubles are blocked.

In Ukraine region now not possible to buy games in Origin and in EA Desktop.

You must delete russian rubles from Ukraine region.

Set please for Ukraine region money currency UAH hryvnia our national money currency or money currency EUR USD.

This problem is global for all Ukraine users.

If you not fix it we will can not buy games in your stores.

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Paying from Ukraine

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(Sorry in advance, I write through Google Translate)

Hello! Please clarify the information.
The question is related to the possibility of paying from Ukraine.
At the moment - in the Orizhn store - prices are indicated in Russian rubles. In the future, I would like to buy your games, but I can’t do this because of moral reasons (war) and legal (in my government will completely block all payments in rubles)
Please suggest - is it planned to introduce the Ukrainian hryvnia in your store?
For example, I wanted to purchase a BF2048, but I could not Frown

Separately, I want to thank you and your society in providing assistance to Ukraine! Thanks to you, I can sleep relatively calmly, I had only 200 anxiety in my city, in the break between which I sometimes try to be distracted from them ...
As well as the EA team for the sanctions against Russia, ordinary people see everything and value your contribution very much!

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Re: Paying from Ukraine

Community Manager

Hey @DoMoV0I our team is aware of this and are working on it.

As soon as we have any info we will update you.


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Re: Payment

Community Manager

Hey @Rozzqie,


Certain countries that don't have their own storefronts will instead use one from a neighboring country, which is why you're seeing the price in RUB.


As long as you've set the country on this page, there wouldn't be any further setting to change for this at the moment I'm afraid.


I definitely realize that's problematic in situations similar to yours currently and we'll continue to pass this feedback along in the meantime, thank you.

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Wrong currency

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Hi, can anyone help me with EA rules,

i need change my payment currency in russian rub into $, 

is that possible to do? cuz my region Ukraine is not about rub currency.


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Re: Wrong currency

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@h0xssiw0w i know that the Origin automatically refers account to the closest relevant dedicated Origin store, but because of the war, that russia started in my country - my government blocked my previously payment method, so i need to change my currency in USD
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Re: Wrong currency

Community Manager

Hey @h0xssiw0w our team is aware of this issue and working on it.

At this time I don't have any more info but I will let our team know that you are requesting this.

As soon as I have an update I will post it.


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Re: Wrong currency

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@EA_Darko thanks, sir!

my main problem that i cant extend my EA Play subscription and all my games are unvailable for me =(
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Re: Wrong currency

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Hey @h0xssiw0w as soon as I have any additional info we will share it with you.


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