Re: PETITION Do opportunity to buy games in Ukraine !

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Re: change region in ukraine

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Hey @OksiBik bumping threads in this manner is considered spam.


You can change the install language of a game by reinstalling it. I'd the option is not available then it may be the case that you own a geographical locked version of the game. 



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Re: Paying from Ukraine

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using vpn, are you serious? is this a official answer from your company? shame on you, hope your * company will be out of business  you are  unworthy

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Re: Payment from Ukraine

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@EA_Lanna Your team is aware of this issue since the early 2022, now is mid 2023 - when we will receive any updates? do you need any help for it? we have a lot of coders, who can easily implement it.
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Re: Payment from Ukraine

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@EA_Lanna Year passed. Still no uah in magazine.
Wanted buy something at current sale.
Nope. Just nope.
No way i buy something from ea at any platform - with that attitude.
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Re: PETITION Do opportunity to buy games in Ukraine !

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Hey all, 


Please see the announcement that @EA_Kent provided on this topic below: 

@EA_Kent wrote:

Starting May 31st, the currency for EA app purchases in Ukraine will update to Ukrainian Hryvnia. On select platforms, other existing currency options will still be available. 


You don't need to make any changes on your side. You can keep using the EA app like usual, and you'll see the currency updated automatically on the Store. 


We've worked to make sure pricing stays consistent with this update, but there may be some rare cases where the prices will be different. 

Note: If you're using Origin for Mac, you'll need to make purchases through to see the updated currency. 


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us! 


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