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EA Cricket to be launch!

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New Cricket game is required from EA Sports!


Cricket is played in lesser countries but when you have a look at the populatin covered, then around 2-2.5 billion people in the world knows about Cricket. The recent evolution of T20 (shortest format) of cricket is also making waves outside Cricket world or major test match playing countries. 

There is a huge scope to tap market and business with introducing Cricket only for Playstation or Xbox like consoles, so that it cannot be duplicated easily (like it used to happen for PC games).

The 2024 T20 World cup is due to be played in the US and West Indies. This will surely make waves in non cricket nations as well.

EA Cricket will surely generate more interest than Ice hockey or rugby and will also give tough competition to Football in future.

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Re: EA Cricket to be launch!

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Hey @qi0jf9wcerjv not aware of any plans for one but will pass your feedback on. 


What would you like to see from a new cricket game?



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Re: EA Cricket to be launch!

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@EA_Darko New rules, better graphics, less glitches, more realistic gameplay
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Re: EA Cricket to be launch!


Yes yea yes.  Weirdly I had a look at Cricket 22 on PS store about an hour a go to see if it’s on sale. £20.  

But graphically it doesn’t seem to be much off an improvement on 19. However once they patched the bugs on 19. The gameplay was actually decent.   

Still can’t bring myself to spending £20 on 22 though.  

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