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why did ea remove most of mysims4 game. ea junk only

by JodySanchez

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why did ea remove most of mysims4 game. ea junk only

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the latest upgrade of my sims4 removed the us of all of the items made by sims players. I can now only us 
EA items. It ruins my game. The best part of the game for me and many others is design and creation. Just using EA items reduces the game to almost nothing. Is it legal for EA to just strip my game down to almost nothing? What is the purpose of removing the wonderful things that I down load but can no longer put them in my game? I been a Sims player since the original Sims 1. I have payed for all the Sims games and packages. Now all the real Sims game is gone!

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Re: why did ea remove most of mysims4 game. ea junk only

@JodySanchez  When EA updates a game to fix bugs and/or accommodate features of a new pack, what really happens is that it updates the game's code.  Some sections stay the same, and others are altered, augmented, or removed.  Third-party content is always based on the game code, and when the section of code that the cc uses no longer exists in its current form, that cc will no longer work correctly.


So the short answer is, patches can break your cc, and you'll need to find new versions of your files or do without.  Many creators are diligent about updating their cc; you can check on the download pages where you found your items.  But it's not EA's responsibility to make sure that all existing cc remains usable.  The only way to do that would be to never update the game, and then there would be no new packs and no bug fixes.  I doubt anyone wants that.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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