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"unavailable at this time"

by Inktype0

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"unavailable at this time"

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I have had the Origin App on my PC for almost a year now and it worked for the first day. Every day since then the Origin App would tell me to log in and once I did it would say that online mode is currently unavailable. So I would just ignore it and play my game. Unfortunately, not that I have wasted 60+$ on the Sims 4, it won't let me download the game. It says I have to be online (In the App) for the game to work. But every time I try to log in it says unavailable. 

Now I am trying to reinstall the Origin App and it wont even download that because it is telling me to log in or do something. 

The only user on my computer the Origin App works on is the guest user and it only gives certain features, which apparently do not include downloading games. How do I fix this?

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Re: "unavailable at this time"

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