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Re: poppit bingo

by h2odsp1_

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poppit bingo

★★★★ Novice

Poppit Bingo-reached level 18 but it will not open.It keeps sayimg I need 120 more stars when I go to the level.

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Re: poppit bingo

Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you are having issues @h2odsp1_.


Can I ask how many stars do you currently have? Are there any levels you may not have got the most stars in?


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Re: poppit bingo

★★★★ Novice

When I finished rank 17 it said I am now level 110. . Rank 18 room says I need to level 120 to open. All other levels are complete or it would not have advanced me to next level.I have continued playing and now almost rank 115. Seems the rank numbers are out of sync and it will take 20 ranks instead of 10 to open room 18(Thanksgiving).

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