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Re: origin update december 2017 broke my games

by FOXHH62

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origin update december 2017 broke my games

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I tried to open one of my games and it gave me an error that makes no sense, it's saying that my game drivers are incompatible with the games even though they all worked a week ago. My origin auto updated when i opened the first one and now none of my games work.

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Re: origin update december 2017 broke my games

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This update completely ruined sims for me. I download costume content to be able to have pretty stuff in the game like how I used to in Sims 3 where I didn't have to do downloads or updates just to play the game. EA is making it extremely difficult to be happy with my game JUST because I do not buy the extension packs. I am not about to spend money on a game I burly considered getting this game just because my Boyfriend offered to buy it for me for my birthday. it is not fair that EA does not care about its costumer's satisfaction and forces them to buy things. I was completely content with my game before they changed the codes that disabled 40% of my costume content that was mostly furniture that I used frequently. Just FYI EA all the damn mods are free. it completely frustrates me that they did this and they are just making my life harder and making me regret to buy Sims 4 instead of Sims 3 where I wouldn't have to worry about this BS!

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Re: origin update december 2017 broke my games

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Hi @nerdling24601@FOXHH62


Clear Origin cache


Delete temp files: open the Start Menu and type %temp%  in the Search field  or click in the Run option in the Start Menu and type %temp% in the Run field.Press Enter and a Temp folder should open. You can delete all files found in this folder, and if any files are in use, they can be skipped.


Restart your machine.


Perform a Clean Boot


Run the setup file Origin with Admin rights 


Go in Origin / My Game Library -right click on game icon select Repair and Update Game.


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