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origin shopping cart

by NadineAF2000

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Re: origin shopping cart

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I thought I was going crazy looking for a shopping cart. They give you add to your purchase option when you do the quick view but how can you even preview what you’re buying?!
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Re: origin shopping cart

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@EA_Nils I just went to the origin website and no the issue still is not resolved. Its really frustrating for people who want to purchase multiple packs but have to run their card five or more times. I have four packs in my wish list right now and cannot add them to a cart to buy them. This type of issue is what makes people not want the packs anymore because its too much of a hassle. I love sims and I love getting new packs. But I don't feel safe saving my card on the website due to hacking issues in the past. And i also don't want to run my card four different times to purchase these packs. It is extremely frustrating and I am probably not going to purchase these packs now because of this issue. Every other website has a shopping cart. Why cant Origin have one too?
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