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Re: need help i have a case opened for my account

by EA_Lanna

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need help i have a case opened for my account

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The case i have submited is showing that its waiting on player and i looked up what that means and apparently they sent an email but ive looked through all my emails and haven't found one email from them but i would send a screen shot but email is personal i need help ive been waiting 2 weeks XD

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Re: need help i have a case opened for my account

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Hi @TTV_Shin3nLC


If you're concerned about your case, get in touch with the support team. Standard smile 


Create a new case and ask the support advisor to check in on it, let the know you didn't see any email from them but noticed your case was sat to 'waiting on customer'. Quote the case number to them and they'll take a look into it and let you know what they can from there. Standard smile 


Use this link to get started on that new case:








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