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Re: how can i get the email changed

by Moskolonel

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how can i get the email changed

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I have been trying to get this sorted for a very long time now. the account I made when i first made the account has my grandads email on, since making the account he has passed away and the email that was used is no longer an active account thus meaning i cant change the email or password, i have spoken to many people who work for EA on various different platforms and this is my last cry for help as it is getting ridiculous now. 


The accounts public ID is gillagon and the account was made on the 27th of December 2013 



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Re: how can i get the email changed

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Hi @XxJakeDentxX 


If you have problem with your account, EA Assistance can help you. Try to contact them by mail, phone ,chat.... but unfortunately we can not do much more on this community forum.


You need an Advisor to look this with you. Contact with an EA Game Advisor as below:


Click the following link to get started:


For help on how to contact an Advisor please use this link:


I warn you that there is a lot of waiting right now and they are working on it.


Good luck!


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