Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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Not really a fix but me and my online friends ended up making shares psn  accounts for ea games. It’s not ideal but at least we can play. It’s mind boggling that ea would rather see us log in to each other’s accounts and play their games for free rather than help us be able to play the games on our own separate profiles and pay for them.

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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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I'm in the same boat, account deleted likely over ten years ago and I only wanted to revive the account due to the Xbox games pass. But the email was an old email and is now completely decommissioned over 5 years ago so my xbox account is completely bricked. My account wont of had any card details or any real information making it have no information to prove ownership and asking the IP address questions shows there little understanding of how anything works.    


This problem is going to arise more and more with the xbox games pass, as its not just going to be a few people reviving xbox accounts to join, so they cant just keep putting of with coming up with a real solution to this issue. I can prove I own my gamertag so why hold it ransom over worries of a deleted account when I'm not even trying to obtain that account and relinking to another xbox account would cause no issues as you can do it anytime with a working account.


I have tried multiple times on EA help chat to no avail, I have tried xbox chat, in which the person at least listened to the issues but they are held by EA. I tired to push for escalating the issue so that xbox notify EA to change it, but I'm sure that will happen eventually with enough complaints and enough of us saying why we are cancelling the games pass. I might try again down xbox and demand a discount on my games pass since I cant access a large part of the library. 


There are daily posts on this issues and its seems to have the largest threads so why cant they see that its a big issue, we are just trying to play EA games and have done nothing wrong and are likely the base that are paying for these services since our accounts are all old making us adults. Please EA just escalate the issue and inform the right people that this needs to be fixed, anything is possible so this surely is. It must be more painful to keep responding to these complaints than fixing it at this point.  

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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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EA reset the password for my PC account today, in a bit of a comedy, although I still can't reset the password on the account that matters. Funny the reason given was suspicious activity. If that was someone trying to help, thank you for trying!

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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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Ok, I was in this situation and I actually managed to unlink an old EA account and link it to the a new one. 
Now, this worked for ME, and I can't guarantee that it will work for everyone out there.


So basically, I got Xbox Game pass on my account that I've had since the xbox 360 day and wanted to play It takes two with my wife. 
I wanted to fire the game up but something was wrong. It kept telling me that I had to reset my password but I wasn't getting a link.

I contacted EA and they told me that I had deleted my EA account that was logged to my Xbox 360. I wanted it unlinked and relinked to my new EA account but they basically told me that I needed the email of my original, which, of course I didn't know. I've only ever used a few emails and none of them worked here. So after weeks of trying to figure out if I ever made an additional email that I used for EA games on my desktop, I got an idea that was so stupid that it ended up working.

See, when you "delete" an EA account, it's still technically there, right? HOWEVER, you can use the SAME EMAIL you used for that deleted account on a new account. This will basically block password resets that should arrive for your old account and instead go to your new account because, as I've said, they are using the same email address. 


To sum up:

Both my deleted and new EA account used the same email address (why was that even possible?) and only the new one was receiving notifications.


This was my theory and I contacted an advisor and explained it to him. He told me that if what I'm saying was true, the only thing I can do is CHANGE MY EMAIL ON THE NEW ACCOUNT. That way, the old deleted account will start receiving emails again.


It seems silly, but this actually WORKED.


I changed the email on my new account and tried to reset the password using the old email. And, wouldn't you know it, my deleted account suddenly showed up and the rest is history.


So, if you are having trouble with this, it may be that your deleted EA account and your new EA account are using this same Email address which is preventing the deleted account from receiving any emails from EA.

Hopefully, this will help someone out there. 
Glad I can finally play EA games with my GamePass.

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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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How did you manage to do that without getting one of these (one for new account, one for changing email on an existing account to be the same as the one that was supposedly deleted (but clearly isn't because these photos indicate the email has an active account...)

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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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I am having the same issue as well and have also created a post explaining it. This is truly a disservice to EA's customers and it hurts Xbox as well. This issue is driving people away from both companies who want to be giving them both their business. Never seen anything like this. 


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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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@Lukekek I genuinely cannot believe this is a thing. I am trying to create my own posts and tweet to both EA help and Xbox support to give more notoriety to this issue because this is crazy that there is no fix for this. EA has locked out so many of us from playing THEIR games on one of THEIR partner's platforms
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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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I'm running into the same issue. I know the email account used but it was used almost 15 years ago and is no longer active or able to be opened to change my password. When talking to EA I tried everything I could to showcase ownership of the account, but trying to tell them the IP address from 15 years ago isn't going to match got me nowhere. I glanced through Xbox's game pass website and there are 449 games currently listed with a decent amount being EA games, that are completely unplayable. I'm at the point now of contacting Xbox and getting a discount from my year subscription or refunding because whats the point as a decent part of the library is locked to me due to EA's inability to solve a very basic problem.

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Re: Xbox account linked to deleted account, no way to unlink

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This issue isn't confined to XBOX. My PSN is locked to a deleted account also. I've been trying to get my PSN unlocked from this account for 6 months. So far all the advisors have been able to tell me is that its my fault and I shouldn't have deleted the account. I DIDN'T delete the account. I lost access to the email address when I changed ISP. I have recently re-joined the old ISP just to get access to my old email account, such is my frustration at EA's lack of customer support. I now have access to the original email address but when I reset my password, I get no email from EA to do so. So now I have access to my old email, I can tell them my PSN name and they can confirm that they are both correct but then tell me I am still at fault for not being able to log in. One advisor even asked me whether I understood English when I sked him if there was another way the password could be reset. EA claims that this is due to security but you could get into a bank account easier than this. There's no failsafe for this occurrence which seems to be quite common from the posts here. I cant believe that an account can be deleted, all EA history and purchases wiped from it, yet still maintain a link to a gamertag that hasn't ever belonged to them and then assert their terms and conditions saying that they never delete accounts without permission yet when asked to provide proof of this permission are unable to do so. It's an absolute disgrace. Lift your game EA. 

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Xbox account linked to disabled EA account

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I have gamepass for PC and I'm trying to link my EA account with my xbox account but I can't find the option. When I try the suggestion to sign in via xbox account I get a page telling me to reset my password. I did that and it just prompts me to reset again. states my login credentials may have expired.


Both EA support and Xbox support have told me there is nothing they can do.


EA repeatedly told me to re-activate the disabled account (No clue what that account would be. I only ever had the one EA account)

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