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Why can't they fix changing non working email

by undeadmessiah

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Why can't they fix changing non working email

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I have repeatedly contacted EA advisors and one technical support. I have filed countless submission forms to fix my email issue. I am not saying the tech support this last time wasn't helpful it so happens to be their troubleshooting dept. that can't even process my case. It is a simple request but the lack of professional courtesy to even contact me back on the issue is staggering. I love the products but I play online mainly. I can't even do that and that is one of the reasons I use the online feature to keep in contact with my veteran friends. I digress, why can't a simple issue of changing a non-working email to a valid working email on their side of the house? Any thoughts?

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Re: Why can't they fix changing non working email

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Our Advisor tried to contact you on May 11th but was unable to reach you.


From part of the email that was then sent to you:


"We tried connecting with you in reference to your Case: 48579446 but could not reach you.
Please feel free to set up another request on EA Help Center: so we can assist you.

1. Click on Accounts
2. Select ""My Cases"" and click on your case.
3. Hit on ""Resume"" and choose the Call Me option."



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