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Underage account didn’t turn into an adult account

by Naattzzz

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Underage account didn’t turn into an adult account

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Hello 👋 

So I’ve been struggling with this for years. Apparently, your underage account is supposed to turn into an adult account when you’re 13/14. I’m almost 15, and I still haven’t gotten any notifications about aging up my Origin account. 
     I was once doing something on my phone or computer, I don’t remember what I did, but I got this notification out of nowhere. I was super busy and about to go, so I closed it without even reading it. But I think it said something about aging up. I have no idea. It wasn’t even on my birthday. It was several months after, I think.
  I play The Sims 4 quite a lot, and I never had access to the community gallery. I only had my own Library. 

   I’m desperate, I’d really appreciate any help!

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Re: Underage account didn’t turn into an adult account

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Hey @Naattzzz  I recommend that you reach out to EA support the should be able to help you out sort out the under age account. Standard smile 


EA support: 




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