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Re: Transfer games from Steam to Origin

by UglyGothKid

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Transfer games from Steam to Origin

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I'd like to transfer some of my EA games (Crysis, Mass Effect, etc.) from Steam to Origin. I read on the Steam forums that the product keys (those that come with these games on Steam) can be activated in Origin, but if it doesn't work, then it can be done via EA support.


In my case, "Redeem Product Code" page says that these keys are not valid. I tried to contact support, but the only way they offer is a phone call, and it doesn't suit me.


Is there any other way to transfer these games?

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Re: Transfer games from Steam to Origin

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Hey @UglyGothKid if the codes are not being accepted then there is a chance that you may not be able to redeem them to Origin. The only way to check this is by speaking with our live support team and the method of contact will be dependent on the issue.


If you are unable to request a callback then the next best thing to do is look into a chat, you may need to change your contact options in order to get this.


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Re: Transfer games from Steam to Origin

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Thanks for the quick reply, @EA_Darko!

The thing is that the only contact option that Russian customer support can offer me is a phone call. No matter which product or category I choose, there is no live chat or email. Like I said before, this option doesn't suit me.

Is there any other way to provide my product keys to someone who can tell me what's wrong with these keys?

The only game that was transferred without any problems is Alice: Madness Returns. Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Mass Effect product keys considered invalid for some reason.

There are also some games that are already linked to my EA account (Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box and NFS: Undercover - I think you can check it), but I can't access them in Origin.
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Re: Transfer games from Steam to Origin

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Ouch, I didn't even know this was possible. Thanks for the info@UglyGothKid

I do wonder why the live support is so fickle, it seems it's outsourced anyway, so why does it matter which country the customer is in? I mean I understand they have to have a common language, but UGK's English seems about the same level as mine.

It does seem that there may be a problem with the account beyond key redemption if you can't access games that are already tied to the account.
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Re: Transfer games from Steam to Origin

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Having these games on Steam wouldn't be such a problem if the Steam versions were up-to-date. For example, Crysis doesn't have x64 executables (which are available in Origin and GOG) and Mass Effect is missing DLCs (which are included in Origin). That's why I want to transfer them in Origin, because it seems that nobody is going to fix these games on Steam.

And then it turns out that the local support system is complicated and there is no way to create a simple ticket, just like in any other customer support. Phone call is still the only available option and it still doesn't suit me.
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