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Time trails

by IAMStormShock

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Time trails

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Tried to race a time trial & the ghost car takes off & leaves me in the dust. Shows suggested rating at 200 & my car is 246 & yet can not beat ghost car. I tried one you race on top of the tracks in my Vette with a rating of 350 & ghost car left me & even though the ghost car flew off the tracks, it kept going under the tracks, as I could see sparks every time it hit the bottom of the tracks. How is this happening with such a lower rating suggestion, & how can i beat it?


Playing NFS Heat. I realized that I am automatically put into a crew that I didn't want or ask for & the time trails are putting me up against people in the crew. They have already smoked the times for time trials, & now there is no purpose in doing time trials as there is no money or rep to be gained unless you can beat the time they did in their maxed out cars. Why do time trials at all now?

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Re: Time trails

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Hello, @IAMStormShock.


To help track this down, which racing game is this for?


Arrenai Cat

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