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Re: TS4 fine on PC, won't download on Mac

by genderdrool

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TS4 fine on PC, won't download on Mac

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I bought Sims 4 in December and have been playing it on my PC with no issue.  Since it's come out on Mac, however, I would rather play it on that.  When I try to download it will have a burst in network speed, only to inevitably decline down to 0 B/sec.  The only way I can have the download bar move at all is if I pause the download, exit Origin, log back on and unpause.  It will move 1% at most.  I've gotten up to 19% this way (you can imagine how long.. lol :catmadStandard smile

 So far I have

-updated Mac software

-updated Origin

-restarted my computer

-used different wifi (my internet is very fast, though)

-cancelled download

-everything a novice gamer can do to their own knowledge 


Thank you...

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Re: TS4 fine on PC, won't download on Mac

★★★★ Novice

BUMP or something...????  I'm quite upset it's already the 20th of February and there is no solution to this problem...  I've gotten up to 25%...  can I at least know why this is happening? :womansurprised:

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