Suspicious email

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Suspicious email

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Hi there,


I'm writing in to report a suspicious email. I cannot explain why I got this email - I haven't used EA or Origin in years - nor why it's so completely blank. I can provide the email to someone at EA if they give me an email link, I just don't want to post my email on the forums in full.


However, the link was only to a place to request a password reset, which worked as expected, and let me log in with the new password (though even so I made sure to not use anything remotely similar to anything else).


All the links were to or domains, which are registered to EA according to domain name lookup, and took me to the correct places.


I have a couple of comments on this...

1. If it was legit, why did I receive it?

2. Why is it so suspiciously blank?

3. Why are the links to bizarre[random character string] instead of the proper link, despite TAKING me to the proper link? If this is an official EA email it'd be nice if they were very explicit links. I know sometimes services use these links to check who is clicking on stuff in their email, but I figure that could be done on the proper webpage, too, by checking referrals?

4. Can EA just send their email from instead of or It's less suspicious that way.


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Re: Suspicious email


@logical2u @MorningTimeCloud @Gorath_the_Elder


I can confirm that the email you've received is legitimate. If you are still concerned then I would recommend to read our article on maintaining account safety. It details how you can recognize a fraudulent email. Just know that our legitimate emails always have a domain name ending on Even if it would be For example, would not be legitimate.


As for the reasons why you got this email. Someone might have entered the wrong email or username when trying to reset their password. But at the same time it could also be someone trying to get into your account. Please double-check that your email address is secure as well. If you are hesitant about anything then you can always contact a Game Advisor to have them verify your account security.



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I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

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I have 2 form authentication turned on. I don't have hacked PCs (fully protected)


My password is new, my security question is a secondary password rather than a real answer.


the subreddit /r/origin there are users with the same issue.


What is going on. Please confirm this is an issue on your end so I can stop being concerned about something I am 95% sure of.

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Re: I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

EA Staff

Please contact an Advisor via live chat or phone for assistance with this issue:

1. Click on the following link:
2. Make sure you are logged in (top right corner)
3. Type in the name of the affected game
4. Select 'Next' at the bottom right
5. Select your platform and then 'Next' again
6. Select topic from the drop down and type in a short description of your issue.
7. Select a contact option. Please note that available contact options do depend on your country settings and time of day.

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Re: I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

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This isn't an issue with a game. I get emails telling me that my password changed but I can log right in with my current password. They are emails from you and I have verified this.


I work in IT. Other people are complaingin about receiving these emails.


I want confirmation that it is an issue from EA and you are looking into it.

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Re: I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

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I'm having the same issue, it's unbearable.  I've even changed my password twice just to double check, still getting the password changed email and the password hasn't changed.  

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Re: I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

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I changed my password today and got the password reset email right after I did it, which was normal.


But then I got two more at the same time, four hours later. Password I set still works, but it's pretty concerning when the reason I changed it was because I was apparently logged in to another computer (which I may have been, but it was so long ago I should have been notified way sooner).

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Re: I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

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It is not any single game, this issue has to do with Origin log ins.  I have also noticed that my security question has been changed to "В какую начальную школу вы ходили?"  It appears that there is an issure on EA's end and thankfully I don't have any payment information saved on their site.

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Re: I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

Community Manager

@jennimarried If you had not setup this security question yourself it means that someone has now compromised your account.


Please follow the process below:

If you have been notified that your email address has been changed but have not requested a change of email address, suffered any other similarly suspicious activity, or have any other reason to doubt the security of your account, please follow the steps below to create a new account in order to contact us for support.

Note, before contacting, be sure to have the following information available so that we may help you as quickly as possible:

  • A serial number from one of your games, if possible, is the easiest identifier we can use to locate your account. If you do not a serial number available we will be able to accept your Gamertag,PSN ID, or Character Names from online games.
  • The email address you would like to be contacted at
  • The original email address for your compromised account
  • Your actual date of birth
  • The date of birth used to set up your account

Create a new Origin (EA) Account:

  • Go to and select "Sign Up" (located in the upper-right corner) 
  • Enter an email address you have never used with an EA account before
  • Choose a Master ID and a Password, enter your date of birth and rest of the required fields using only accurate information.

Contact Us from your New Account

  • Go to and select "Log in"  (located in the upper-right corner) 
  • Select "Origin" as your product by typing it in the search bar.
  • Select "Contact Us" located at the bottom of the page.
  • Select "PC" as your platform.
  • Select "Account Security" as your category and describe your issue.

For customers in North America:

  • Select "Call me."
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Select "Submit."

For Customers outside of North America:

  • Go to the "choose a contact method" section
  • Contact us using the telephone number provided within the listed opening hours

Please be aware that it is likely that the agent you speak to will need to confirm information on this account.






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Re: I keep getting "Your password is reset" emails

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I too, have gotten two of these password reset emails in the last week. I didn't change my password, nor did I request a change. It isn't with a particular game. I had setup my security questions last year when I made the account and they don't seem to have changed. Today when I tried to login my password was in fact changed. I reset it and setup two-factor authentication...



Seeing as how multiple people are reporting the same problem I don't see how this is a user error at this point...




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Re: Suspicious email

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I agree with you that the eMail is likely to be part of some SCAM of some sort.  But no one here at Answer HQ can either provide you with a better place to send the copy, nor verify with certainty the message is part of an attempted FRAUD of some kind. 


For official support:

AHQ is a player to player discussion site, on which during weekends and the overnight hours, there aren't even any EA Moderators (they are called Community Managers). 


On Monday, they will be back and may have time to tell you more then. 


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