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Specialist Team

by loki3118

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Specialist Team

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Hello World,


Has anyone had success contacting this "Specialist Team" that can actually do stuff? I've been trying to get a hold of them through their website but I haven't had any luck. If someone could tell me how to put my number in place so they can contact me it would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Specialist Team

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contact a game advisor.

go to

* Fill in "account" in the search bar
* hit find solutions
* Then select product in the first selecting bar, account management in the second and select your platform in the last bar.
* Hit find solutions.

Now you will be given multiple solutions to your problem. To contact support you need to click "I still need help".

Now you have the opportunity to start a chat session or contact them by e-mail.

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Re: Specialist Team

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these are the people who send you to the specialist team if i'm not mistaken?

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