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Re: Sort by Latest Post by Default

by EA_Spectre

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Sort by Latest Post by Default

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Currently, there does not seem to be a discernable difference when it comes to new posts or old posts, and where they line up within the forums. The current "Linear Format" doesn't seem to have any specific way of sorting the posts, either by thread title, thread starter, or other metric.


The option for viewing by Latest Post is available in the drop down, but that should be the default option while browsing, with the newest threads at the top below the stickied threads.

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Re: Sort by Latest Post by Default

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I think this is a good idea. I was quite bamboozled by the fact that it didn't already display posts by the latest post setting, as most other forums/discussion communities do use that feature. Was very weird when I realized it doesn't work here. :P

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Re: Sort by Latest Post by Default


Could this have something to do with the threads being moved from other sections. I've noticed that thread that are being moved are always on top.

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Re: Sort by Latest Post by Default

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I moved this thread to the Answer HQ help forum. Which in addition to giving all of us the possibility to discuss this issue, shows that crinrict is correct in her assumption: Moved threads show up at the top of the board. Which is a little unfortunate but something we cannot change at the moment.

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