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Sims 2 UC transparent walls / objects

by lxendx

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Sims 2 UC transparent walls / objects

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Hello I am having a problem with the sims 2 ultimate collection.


I can see all sims through any walls. I can also see objects through walls and my sims are fading in and out every so often as the camera moves closer / farther. Mostly I am having problems with the objects. I can see the water in the toilet or the sink. I can see the inside of the fridge when its not open. Some objects are just transparent like the TV object.


Before someone says its a graphics card problem I can assure you it isnt. If this was the case then im assuming the sims 3 would not work at all but I have played that for quite some time with no problems at all.


Please if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you.

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