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Re: Server issue, extreme high ping


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Server issue, extreme high ping

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Will EA ever fix the issue with the servers...? Is EA making games just for 1st countries in the world..? I live in India and the status of ping over my place is just horrible. Till yesterday I had a ping of 150ms or less on Asia`s server but today I have 270+ms. What is this..? I can`t play on other regions servers and thats fine for me but at least let me play on the regions that is nearest to me. 
And yeah will EA ever make an effort to put some servers in India or near my location. Its just horrible. I love to play Battlefield and is the only game that I play on multiplayer mode but the server issues are just killing me. This reason actually made me and my friends not to buy BF1. 

Please EA, please fix this issue and make our life easy. I just don`t wanna miss the next title of Battlefield just because of server issues. 

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Re: Server issue, extreme high ping

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Here you have some tips and tricks to troubleshoot and test your connection, maybe helps in your issue mate



My Opinion is no more important or right than yours.I'm a gamer like you, trying to help you (i'm not an EA employee).

If you want to know us or/and come up with ideas to improve the Origin platform or/and talk about anything and many more besides,you could also visit the NEW section Origin General Discussion

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Re: Server issue, extreme high ping

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Nope it didn`t work. 
In BF4 there is a server call Wrath of Khan in asia region here my ping shows 260+ before entering and after entering it changes to 75ms. But I`m not a lucky guy so I get 260+ on other servers. This is an exception and I believe its EA`s problem. There are so many players playing BF4 but seems like EA forgot BF4 as there asset.. 

Even in the soldiers tab if I enter soldier progression then its impossible to get out of that tab so I need to actually end the game from the task manager and start the game again. It was not there before. This is the reason we can`t check our total kills unless we use the battle companion mobile app. 

So many issues why..? Can I never play Battlefield in my entire life..? I want to seriously buy Battlefield games but just because of one major issue it spoils my mood every-time.. Frown 

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Re: Server issue, extreme high ping

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Yep. EA just don't care. They will just give you some troubleshooting guide that barely works

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Re: Server issue, extreme high ping

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You are replying to a thread that is over a year old @maksdoshuk.


If you are having issues you need help with then please let us know and we will do what we can to assist.

The more info we have the better we can help.


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Re: Server issue, extreme high ping

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I cant Play FIFA 20 because of very very High ping... Occasionally it is very good but most of the time it goes past 120ms and even 200ms.... Please please Please Please Help NOW!!!!!!!


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Re: Server issue, extreme high ping

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@khelapagla1 yaeey , Download psiphon VPN then Conect to auto server and surprise ! the ping from 120 to 80 !
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