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by Pitspawnfouldog

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I don't see any posts detailing my problem, so I'll give this a go.  

I had this issue playing R:KoA through Origin before, and now with DA:I it's happening again.  For whatever reason, my screensaver doesn't come on after exiting an Origin game.  After playing, I have to manually turn the screensaver back on.  Anyone else have this issue?  It's only when I play on Origin, disc based games, Steam games have no issues.  It's only when Origin comes into play.  

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Re: Screensaver

EA Staff

This seems like a bug alright! Could you please run the Origin Error Report and post the reports ID (you can run the report from Origin client Help - Origin Error Report or from the Origin installation directory by running the OriginER.exe).


Could you try if the issue occurs after playing fullscreen or in fullscreen windowed mode?

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Re: Screensaver and Shutdown

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Error report ID  084aa0457000e6fd

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Re: Screensaver and Shutdown

Community Manager

@chrisinhotwater Hi,


Could you try explain your symptoms? What exactly do you experience on your screen and what exactly are you trying to do?


Thanks for taking the time to clarify in advance.




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