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Scrabble/Facebook NetworkError

by sansrx

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Scrabble/Facebook NetworkError

★★★★ Novice
Have been nuged n have no way to respond.
It's 16 Oct 2014 13:13 EST.
For days this nuisance alert keeps popping up preventing me to play:
There seems to be a problem connecting to Facebook. You may experience reduced functionality as a result.
No matter how many times I tap CONTINUE the same message appears.
I've uninstalled/installed numerous times to no avail.
This issue has been going on for days with no one providing a solution.
Thank you
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Re: Scrabble/Facebook NetworkError

★★★ Newbie
I paid for scrabble aannd can not play or link to Facebook either. Not a happy camper
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Re: Scrabble/Facebook NetworkError

★★★ Newbie
Another thought. What good is posting here. Just fix it
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Re: Scrabble/Facebook NetworkError

Community Manager



We are currently investigating the issues with connecting to Facebook.


While we diagnose and fix the issue you can continue to play games vs. random opponents, against the computer and pass n’ play matches. To disable the 'Network Error' popup while we investigate you can go to OPTIONS -> Facebook Log Out. 


Updates to the issue connecting to Facebook on Scrabble will be provided in the main thread over here as soon as they become available:


I will now close this thread, please post in the aforementioned thread instead.


Thank you for your understanding.

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