Re: Qt5Widgets.dll is missing

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Qt5Widgets.dll is missing

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Hello. I had a problem with Origin lately. Whenever I want to play any of Origin games, and Origin launches, I get this error. I have no clue why is this happening, I don't know why is this .dll file missing, I don't know what is this file and how can I fix it. I need help with that. I only wanted to play some games. Please help.



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Re: Qt5Widgets.dll is missing

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Can you check if setting Origin to automatically update itself via the Origin menu, Application Settings and then allowing any update to occur has any effect here?


If not, then a fresh download and install of Origin may be required.

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Re: Qt5Widgets.dll is missing

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Thanks for reply. Unfortunately I can't even open Origin because of this error. I will reinstall Origin and see if this will work. Wink

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