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Promo Code now showing "invalid promo code"

by JhakNyfe

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Promo Code now showing "invalid promo code"

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attempted to use my survey $20 promo code yesterday and it would not apply or give any feedback as to why.  Today when I attempted it again it now displays "Invalid promo code" in the promo code box.  Please advise...

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Re: Promo Code now showing "invalid promo code"

Community Manager (retired)

Here's the statement regarding the voucher code:


Hi everyone,

The coupon code is now expired; we’ll honor all sales made with the coupon code over the weekend and hope fans enjoy their games.

Sam "QforQ" Houston;jsessionid=E36215BB52B6C4B6B4850B3121638983#2...

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Promo code wont work

★★★ Newbie

I recently took a survey and it gave me a 20 dollar off coupon toward my next purchase of a new game 19.99 or higher. I found a game for the xbox 360 "Syndicate", the game is 29.99 and when I try to enter the code it doesn't do anything and doesn't take the amount down to 10.99 plus shipping!! Please help with this!!!!!!!!!



Thank you again PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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★ Newbie

When I write the promotional code in the Checkout it doesn't seem to change anything

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Promo code help

★★ Novice

I recently got a discount promo code for taking a survey but when i try and redeem it nothing happens, Please fix this because this site already seems broken to me, Thanks.

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Can't Redeem Survey Promo Code

★★★ Newbie

Hi there,


I recently completed an online survey from Origin and I received a promo code.  The code is for $20 off a game.


However, when I enter it in to the system it takes nothing off the price of the game I am purchasing.


What can I do to resolve this issue?



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Re: Promo code help

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Same here

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Re: Promo code help

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Seems like all the other codes people got were duds as well. EA has always half-assed things just as MOST of their games, let alone this promo excludes STEAM games the only decent games on their list, but of course they would also give "dummy" or glitched codes. waste of people's time and money in my opinion.

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Re: Promo code wont work

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EA can't do anything right, so it seems.

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promo code issues

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i received a email to take a survey and i got a 20$ off next purchase promo code. BUT i cant use it. i tried purchasing sims3 diesel stuff and katy perry sweet  

treats and i couldnt buy either of them with my code. can someone tell me why? 

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Re: promo code issues

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I'have the same problem with a 40% off code.


And EA doesn't react on my forum posts

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