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Re: Payment Issues

by ghostinthesheets

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Payment Issues

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Getting very annoyed. Recently tried to purchase something ,but before I could do that.. I attempted to enter a payment method. It declined, each and every single time. Not only did they not take my card they took a dollar off each time I tried.


If they weren’t going to accept my card why take money off anyway. Is there any way to fix this issue..? Sick and tired of seeing this message each time Standard smile

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Re: Payment Issues

Community Manager (retired)

Hey @ghostinthesheets 


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with payments on Origin Frown


I took a quick look at your orders history in our system, but I don't see any failed transactions there, which means the attempts weren't even registered on our side. This 1$ block usually happens on the card provider's side. However, if the transaction wasn't successful, it should be returned to your account soon.


I would also recommend to check with your bank, if transactions on Origin are not blocked or limited in any way by them.



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Re: Payment Issues

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Thank you for replying to me. I talked to my bank and they said each time I tried they took off $1 and that totalled to $5. She told me that maybe the entire transaction didn’t go through and they’ll take the entire 19.99 off later or maybe even more since it happened 5 times. But you said you don’t see a transaction history. I don’t even know what to do anymore at this point, I’ve tried different cards and even a prepaid card but nothing I do works :/

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