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Re: Override and ODT error

by EA_Darko

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Override and ODT error

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Error appeared that addressed override and odt. Download won't continue until the issue is resolved but I'm not that computer savvy so I'm stuck with a game that I purchased with only 50% of a download. Need some help with this.

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Re: Override and ODT error

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Hi there, 


I'm a bit confused about the error that you are experiencing. Do you mean that your game on Origin won't download?


In that case, try clearing the Origin cache and then running as administrator.


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Re: Override and ODT error

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Hi udt123,


This error appears to likely reference the Origin Developer Tool and a build or branch override, which should never come up on a retail release. I am sure this issue has likely been resolved already with an update since your post, but if it hasn't then you'd likely be safe in uninstalling Origin and the associated game(s) completely and doing a fresh install.

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Re: Override and ODT error

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Hey @udt123 I'm locking this thread as it is a number of years old.

Thanks for taking the time to post and share your info.


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