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Re: Origin won't Open

by EA_Lanna

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Origin won't Open

★★★ Newbie

I'm trying to download Origin to download Madden 2020 in library. Bought on Amazon "pc online game code." Now not sure what I bought.

Origin won't Open -- it's missing a ".dll" and "vcruntime." What to do?

Do you need Origin/EA access to open, download Madden? 

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Re: Origin won't Open

Community Manager

Hi @displayname111


To download Origin to your PC, click this link and chose the download option for your PC. From there it'll do the standard installation set-up. Once that's installed, it will ask you to log in with your EA credentials. Just pop those in and you be ready to rock with Origin. 


You can register your new PC game code to your EA account from the Origin too. When you're ready for that stage, let me know. Standard smile


- EA_Lanna


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