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Origin payment issue

by Interferons

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Origin payment issue

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Hello EA,


Recently, I've made frequent purchases on your product.

Now, my credit card is blocked. Totally understandable security measure as this happened to other companies that I have dealt with as well.


So there goes same routine that I perform every time this happens.

1) Call my bank. Bank says everything is fine on their side and suggests me to call vendor.

2) Call the vendor. Explain situation.


Now, here is the difference between EA and other companies:

1) For other companies that I've dealt with, things get resolved after a single call or live chat. I can use my card again within 24 hours. Very pleasant experience.

2) For EA, I go through 3 different EA representatives, try bunch of time consuming methods that they suggest. Wait more than 24 hours. Problem is still not fixed. Now, EA rep blames me and my bank for the problem and tells me to use other credit card/method. Sorry, It is not my bank problem. I use only one credit card, and I don't have other methods. Very frustrating and offensive experience.


If EA does not want me to support their product, that is fine by me. This is my last-ditch effort to get things resolved, because I like their product. Hope knowledgeable EA techs here can resolve this issue.

Thank you

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Re: Origin payment issue

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Any EA tech support willing to help resolve this issue?

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Re: Origin payment issue

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Sometimes the problem could be updating your payment information at both ends. If you have a new phone number, or new name, change of address.It could be simple as an expiration date on your card.?


Hope this helps, I am not an EA employee I am just trying to help. So if it did help please grant XP points ty.

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Re: Origin payment issue

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Hello stormsview,


Thanks for your suggestion.

I am absolutely sure that there is no issue with payment information.

This happened after I made several frequent purchase from EA (suddenly stopped accepting my credit card).

This kind of issue also happened in other companies as well whenever I made frequent purchases in short time frame (due to lacking shopping cart feature).

Base on discussion, I was told that this kind of thing is caused by security feature in order to protect companies from suspicious activity.


Every companies that I've dealt with before were able to resolve the issue within 24 hours once I call or live chat to explain the situation and confirm that intended purchases were genuine.

But EA is making things really difficult and complicates things. In the end, they simply blame me and my bank when problem is actually on their side (their security feature).


I had great experience with Origin until this happened. Now I can see that Steam and Blizzard have superior support. Disappointment really.

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