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Origin is just broken

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Ok, I've been searching all over for some solutions, but I'm getting nowhere.

This started when I reinstalled Mass Effect 2, from CD (I had it working a few months ago but recently had to wipe my PC).

First the installation was weird, Origin just randomly closed a few times in the process, ended up taking most of the day before it stayed open throughout. Then I tried to download my DLC, but I was faced with this error - 65538 - 1, looked around the internet quickly, someone said to download direct from the website. So I did that, along with the update for the game. 
Then I try to launch and I got the awc.dll failed to load error.

More searching showed that the update caused that problem for a few people and their solution was to reinstall. So I did that. And then didn't download anything extra. 
Now when I try to launch the game I get hit with - Invalid License Reason Code  Invalid Cipher 0x0006
Which doesn't make sense as I've already linked the activation code to my account, and because the pop up window before says that I need to enter the code on the next screen, so I'm not even getting the chance to do that. 

So then I try to manually redeem the code from the top menu, but when I try that I just get a general error (after inputting the code), I hit continue and then it says my session has timed out. 
If I try repairing the install I get this error - File Not Found ... Error 7049:404 

If I try to download other games that I own in Origin, I get the same 404 Error. 
If I try the Origin Help from the top menu, it says its unavailable. 

And now I have idea what else to do 😭😭😭

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Re: Origin is just broken

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Origin is a shithowfestival just as EA. Unfortunately you need it to play some titles. I just bought a game for 40€.
The Origin client keeps crashing instantly after logging in 8/10 times. 2/10 times I get to start the game, which closes instantly with the message: "Origin is not running, please start Origin to launch the game."

You should mean that at least the * client should work if it is mandatory to play the games that you sell for way too much money.

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