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Re: Origin hardware specifications

by jimmer1960

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Origin hardware specifications

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Origin Installer error


So I clicked on the Install Origin link and I got redirected to the Technical issues page:

Someone call tech support


Considering nothing changed on my machine before the update to the newest Origin client, I went to the Downloads page to check the current hardware specifications. It says:

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later
1ghz Processor · 512mb of RAM


The machine is well above those specs, so I wonder why don't we get other hardware specs if meeting those is still not enough - like video RAM size, DirectX version or whatever else fails the Origin client check. OK, so a short list of obvious things:


1. Origin worked "as expected" before the update;

2. GOG Galaxy and Steam both work and I can play my games;

3. My machine meets the hardware specifications;

4. The link offered by the new Origin client is broken;

5. The link I got redirected to doesn't help at all.


So what are the detailed hardware specifications and when will these issues be solved?

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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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That usually happens when you need to update your operating system of graphics drivers. If you need help checking those things please Post your DXDIAG report.

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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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I don't know what you meant by "usually", because this is the first time I saw Origin report that. My point is: I want Origin to actually tell me what the problem is, not something vague that leads to a broken/unsupported page that redirects me to a technical issue page that offers me nothing useful.


And to be fair, as long as I mentioned I have other games (and clients) running (and I can add Uplay to the list) I think it's obvious that the new Origin version is buggy. While not being the only one running into this issue, I would expect a reasonable time-frame for a resolution and - even better -, a way to use the previous Origin client until the latest is also the greatest.


I don't appreciate being locked out of my Origin games just because someone decided to push the new client out while not being well enough tested. We should be able to use the newest beta client if we choose so, or the latest stable client so we can play our games. Steam does that, even if it's not perfect and it can still be annoying at times.

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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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This is not "Origin" here.  This is not "EA", and you already have as good an answer as we are able to offer.  We didn't create the client, we didn't force a pre-Alpha version on the membership.  We are the game player community on our Self-Help website.  If you want to complain to EA, stay on the EA Help pages, don't come on here. 


We also didn't create any misleading (vague, yes) error messages to annoy you.  Re-read the reply you received and decide if you want to cooperate.  If not, this message thread ends right there. 


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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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Usually, meaning 99% of the times that I have seen that error on other computers, posted by other players here, it's because the player needs to do some updates. I can't see what you might need to update without seeing your DXDIAG report.


If you are unwilling to post that, we can't be of any more help here, I'm sorry but that's what we need to see in order to help you.

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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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@ everyone: Please don't mistake my thread for a "I can't play my Origin games, fix it now!" kind of request. I pointed out some issues that Origin/EA should handle, and while doing so I didn't blame nor expected any community member to fix anything that is obviously out of their control. And I chose the thread title responsibly - my main concern is: what exactly are these specifications?


@Gorath_the_Elder, @DarkAmaranth1966: There's no need to get defensive (we didn't create error messages etc) or to say that I am unwilling to cooperate. Whatever my personal problem is with the Origin client and my operating system (fully updated, by the way, with a clean boot), the issues I mentioned need to be addressed and it's a good thing to have this information out here in the open, where others might find answers by using a search engine.


Even the Technical issues page says: "Get help from our community of expert players at Answers HQ", so by following the route provided by the Origin client and the EA Help site, you end up here before you even perform a web search.


There are community managers that might be able to answer these questions, and I am willing to wait for them to do so.

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Re: Origin hardware specifications

Community Manager (retired)

Hello @kneekoo


my name is Valgard and I'm an AHQ Community Manager at EA. 
I fully support the statements made by @DarkAmaranth1966 & @Gorath_the_Elder here and suggest that you follow their provided steps of creating a DxDiag Report to help them look into this issue. 

I'll take care of the broken link that you encountered and send it on internally to get it fixed soon(tm). 


Regarding the specifications question: They can be found when attempting to download Origin. They're displayed on the website.




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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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Hello @EA_Valgard,


I mentioned the official requirements in my initial post. I wish you guys read it as carefully as I tried to report the issues.


Close this thread if you want. That "soon (tm)" overwhelmed me with hope. That's probably just as soon (tm) I will buy another EA title.

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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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My copy of ORIGIN worked fine until the last update. Now it says that my computer does not meet system requirements. Same pic as noted - program will not install when this error msg pops up.  What did you do? I cleaned my computer and tried a fresh install of ORIGIN and it says that my system does not meet requirements. It did before your update. I now have Windows 10 Verision 1607. The latest one. I have 3GB ram and NVIDIA.   I am not your average gamer. I am a System Administrator, programmer, and am pursuing COMP TIA A+ Certification. I backed up/formated my computer and reinstalled Windows 10, and then all of my programs. Until your last update my system met all requirements and worked fine with Windows 10. I am frustrated and upset that I cannot play a game that I purchased (and have been playing) because of the Origin Interface update. I was quite happy with my copy of Command & Conquer The First Decade which I can no longer use (not compatible with Windows 10) and was forced to buy The Ultimate Edition. Making someone reinstall windows and all programs in order to access games that they own on the ORIGIN platform is poor Customer Service. If I were not a System Administrator it would have been quite costly as well. Unless, of course, you're willing to pay the bill for the professional assistance to do so. I charge $80 an hour. Windows 10 takes 3 hours just to install. Hopefully you can fix this and I will remain a satisfied customer. Right now - I'm not so sure. I own several games that I purchased that require the ORIGIN interface to play. I am not happy. Please fix this or I am through with EA Games, ORIGIN. In fact, if you can't fix this... I will go so far as to expect a fix that does not require ORIGIN to play my EA games. (I have several). By the way.  This message just popped up on my Desktop which I have been using over 5 years, and playing EA Games just as long.  So now I have two different computers using Windows 7 that worked, and Windows 10 that worked, all until your last update.  I would sign this as an unsatisfied customer.

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Re: Origin hardware specifications

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@jimmer1960: Sysadmin here as well. I'll just keep an eye out on new Origin versions and hope for the best, soon (tm). EA seems to care less (if at all) about the fact that not everyone wants to be a tester at any given time.

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