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Origin failing to install Mass Effect 2 DLC

by StarSword-C

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Origin failing to install Mass Effect 2 DLC

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I installed ME2 from the Origin client with the intent of making it a one-stop installation, only to find that the client would download the installers and then not install them.  Clicking on the "Ready to install" button does nothing, and I'm having to go back to my social site user entitlements page to download the standalone installers manually.


On a related DLC note, why does "Bring Down the Sky" for ME1 still require a CD key when A) it's free, and B) the site where you could previously get the CD key no longer exists?  I can only think it's because EA cares more about its profits than it does about its customers.  You guys suck, and I wish you would go back to Steam.

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