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Origin exit on game close STILL not fixed!

by Sharkfood99

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Origin exit on game close STILL not fixed!

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The feature to automatically exit Origin when a game closes was removed in recent stable and beta versions of the Origin client and is still not present.   There are several Origin games I'd like to purchase, and of course be able to play my existing purchases made when this feature was available, but I simply can not play nor encouraged to make new purchases until this feature is working again so as the platform become usable once again.


Many of us use the Steam Controller on Big Picture Mode gaming PC's.  Taking this feature away means the PC is locked and unusable after playing an Origin game using the controller.  You either have to power-off, reset or install mouse/keyboard which is unrealistic for home AV cabinets/systems and unacceptable for a feature that was present when these Origin purchases were originally made.


This doesn't even have to be officially supported.  Simply making the client aware of the XML entry or even older Registry entry is sufficient.  It makes no sense why this feature would be removed and remain removed this long.


If this feature is not planned to be returned, is EA willing to consider refunds?  Ultimately, there is precedence for this when a content provider makes the DRM platform incompatible for customers that enjoyed compatibility at the time of purchase... especially as this involves a pool of thousands of consumers. 


I would clearly be more interested in enjoying the content I've already purchased once again as well as would like to make many more current and future purchases.  Can we expect this critical feature to return any time soon?   Thank you!



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Re: Origin exit on game close STILL not fixed!

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No reply for this?   Is there another support email, bug report site or support contact for this?



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Re: Origin exit on game close STILL not fixed!

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I am not familiar with this issue, so before I will have us look into this I would like to clarify the problem. From your message I understand the following:


Your PC becomes unresponsive after quitting a game on Origin, while using the Steam controller - correct?


Is this with any specific games you're playing via Origin? The more information you're able to provide, the better!




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