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Origin account deleted

by hiskunk

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Re: Origin account deleted

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Don't botter with it guys. I contacted origin and spoke with them on live chat about my deleted account that it apperantly was connected to my SWTOR account without me knowing this since i have had that swtor account for 6+ years and i didnt have any games at all on that origin account so i asked them to delete it but in that conversation with them they never told me that there was a SWTOR account connected to it so i deleted that origin so i could use that e-mail on my other origin account where i have my games. So today when i called up swtor because of an subscription error they told me it was becuase my origin account that was linked to my SWTOR account had been inactivated so i had to contact origin to activate it to be able to subscribe to SWTOR again. So I did and all i got was that i agreed to deleteting it (they never said ANYTHING about it beeing linked to SWTOR even the guy from SWTOR support checked it they never mentioned anything about swtor and origin beeing linked in that conversation when i wanted to delete the account) so they cant do anything about, they cant restore it even though its not deleted yet and didn't care AT ALL about it they couldn't even help me move the SWTOR account from that origin account to the other one i have because qote "you have to ask to have the SWTOR account moved before you delete your origin account" and then they said they had answeard everything and it was impossible to restore so they ended the chat when i was still typing. Worst service i have ever gotten so now im gonna loose a 6+year old swtor account that i have spent hundreds too thousand of hours in and spent ALOT of money on because they dont give a sh*t and didn't give me any information about it when i was deleteting the origin account. Straight up bullsh*t so dissapointed in the "service" they give they just dont care at all about their customers only about the money you give them.
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Re: Origin account deleted

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I'm having the same issue. This is the worst * customer service I've ever dealt with. I had two PSN accounts connected to my EA account. I couldn't claim my prime loot from them because these * don't know how to unlink PSN accounts. I talked to some foreign lady who barely understood English and she told me deleting my account would release the PSN IDs. So I did, had another EA account ready to link my PSN too. However, she lied and that PSN is forever linked to my EA account and they keep telling me to WAIT FOR AN EMAIL THAT IS NEVER COMING. I just want my damn account back. Why is EA such a scummy shitbag company?!

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