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[Origin] Unable To Connect From Iran

by TheMaster13142

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منظور از مشکل داخلی صرفا فیلیترینگ نبود شاید بدونید که از داخل چندین پورت مختلف رو بستن حتی اگه تو استان فارس از شاتل
استفاده کنید تو بازی بتل۴ ارور بسته بودن پورت براتون میاد.
که بعضی از دوستان با نت پارس آنلاین تهران تونستند به اورجین وصل بشند
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My answer to this action of the EA is "Why?". Because since the time that I have known myself as a gamer I loved EA games and so many others like me, and I ask this question that "What have we Iranian gamers done that made EA this much ruthless to Iranian gamers and ban them from playing their games, the games they have paid for, the games they waited months even years to release?". I hope that EA shows some respect to Iranian gamers.

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aziz shoma chera tarafe onaro migiri hamash ? Disappointed 


yekam hemayat kon az irania 4ta eteraz ziad tar beshe be darkhastemun residegi konan 


shayad yeki to sherkateshon dokmamono zade chon az irania badesh miad !


vagarna dalili nadare maro block konan Disappointed Chekareshon kardim akhe

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اولا که من طرف کسی رو نمیگیرم😐
دوما که مگه جنگه؟؟
سوما من دارم میگم این مشکل همگانیه چون فقط ایرانیا نبودن که این مشکل رو داشتن حتی یکی از ساپورت های اورجین تو آمریکا با این مشکل روبرو شده.
ایرانیا بلاک نیستند چون هیچ بدلیلی نداره مشتری هاشون رو بلاک کنند:/
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Re: the new origin client(10) not working, iranians please vote !!

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Hi. I live in IRAN too. same problem with new client. EA pleas, pleas and pleas do something with this problem. if you don't want access iranian's people to buy games from origin store, it's ok and we have no problem with this. i cas say no body in iran can buy from store and many of them use cd key's. look like this way is legal for country's like IRAN. now we want use this games from our library but we CAN'T access it because the library is online and internet platform. so we want change library to offline (Local platfrom) library like last version of origin. IRAN has Thousands (Even Milions) user that come to original (legal) buying games. so with this problem all of them wil delete EA's origin and go to other platforms (like steam and uplay) EA pleas Cooperat with us and solve this problemm.

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New Origin Client Bans all Client from Sudan

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EA please Fix your Alpha client .I cannot access my games library any more , I cannot play my games  .I understand that your are banning the store for Sudan Due to sanctions but with the old client I cannot access the store but I con play the games that I already purchased .

EA PLEASE IF IT NOT Brocken  Please Don't Fix IT

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Re: the new origin client(10) not working, iranians please vote !!

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I have the same problem. EA please fix this.

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Re: the new origin client(10) not working, iranians please vote !!

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this why we hate ea they dont give a f about us . just money..

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@ Dr1freeman1


access denied (mostly) is a server-side issue which for any reason blocks the client!i think it has nothing to do with Iran`s Internet censorship (its not a 404 error) or whatsoever ...


trace of


Host Name                                 IP Address           Hop    Ping Time   Ping Avg   % Loss    Pkts r/s   Ping best/worst
* Unknown Host *                          1      1ms         0ms        0%        38 / 38    0ms / 1ms
* Unknown Host *                              2      0ms
* Unknown Host *                        3      19ms        25ms       0%        38 / 38    14ms / 216ms
* Unknown Host *                              4      0ms
* Unknown Host *                      5      16ms        21ms       0%        38 / 38    14ms / 132ms
* Unknown Host *                        6      17ms        19ms       0%        38 / 38    16ms / 23ms
* Unknown Host *                         7      20ms        18ms       0%        38 / 38    16ms / 21ms                8      121ms       122ms      0%        38 / 38    117ms / 161ms                       9      140ms       141ms      0%        38 / 38    134ms / 233ms                   10     139ms                  100%      0 / 38                     11     160ms       167ms      0%        38 / 38    157ms / 282ms                     12     142ms       145ms      0%        38 / 38    138ms / 262ms
* Unknown Host *                              13     0ms                  14     225ms       236ms      0%        38 / 38    225ms / 477ms
* Unknown Host *                         15     213ms                  100%      0 / 37
* Unknown Host *                       16     211ms       212ms      0%        37 / 37    207ms / 258ms               17     229ms       230ms      0%        37 / 37    224ms / 304ms





Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=220ms TTL=111
Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=111
Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=111
Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=111

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 219ms, Maximum = 220ms, Average = 219ms



im not certain EA(origin) blocked us or its simply a misconfiguration but im pretty sure most of us couldnt have access to store in previous versions its likely they banned us from store due sanctions like Nvidia and many others online services and now with new client v10 when game library and etc integrated with store we got screwed ! :


same error on Nvidia driver download page:


Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.4c9cf17.1473937315.25fe0bbe

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Re: the new origin client(10) not working, iranians please vote !!

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i have the same problem. please fix this


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