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[Origin] Unable To Connect From Iran

by TheMaster13142

Original Post

Is PvZ Garden warfare 2 playable in Iran?

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Hi I am living In Iran  and i want to know if I can play Garden warfare 2 on the ps4 online 

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Re: [Origin] Unable To Connect From Iran

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First of all how come Setam dident do that? is Valve not american?

and what if i live in Iran but i dident pay for my game and my game is a gift from someone in US. that way i dident cross sanctions nor EA did. how about that?

second its none of your bussiness how people act based on theire religion. you act like Gestapo. im sorry for you. no human should think like you.

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@1_ARAD_1 حالا چ کنیم ک بیان؟
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