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Re: [Origin] Unable To Connect From Iran


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Re: Irainians access to ORIGIN

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@DarthSheevKenobi wrote:

بیخود خودتونو اذیت نکنید.بشینید با فیلترکشن لاگین شید بعد خاموش کنید بازی کنید برای من که جواب میده حتی واسه دانلود...

این دیوث ها هیچ کار نمیکنن به تخمشون هم نیست.

چه فیلتر شکنی استفاده میکنی شما ؟؟

فری گیت که جواب نمیده Frown

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Re: Irainians access to ORIGIN

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جااااااان عزیزم فارت چیه فریگیت ؟؟؟؟؟ همین الان با فیلتر شکن های پولی هم که بری اینقدر پینگت میره بالا که عملا بازی نمیشه کرد

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Re: Irainians access to ORIGIN

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فقط هنگام ورود به اکانت باید فیلتر شکن بزنی . بعدش میتونی خاموشش کنی و بازیو راحت انجام بدی . ولی موضوع اینه ک اینا گه خوردن مارو تحریم کردن وقتی این همه داریم پول میدیم اصل میخریم .

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And is there any references that proof it?
any code or any written law?
bcoz we are simply wondered why we paid for nnew games like Fifa17, and just before releasing the game Origin banned Iran?!

All of us paid for the games
but who cares, let's just shift to Steam adn do some pirates
GOOD LUCK origin

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[ Edited ]
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برید اینجا امضا کنید و رای بدید

[Petition removed - Admin.]


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make the v9 working

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Please make the v9 working at last i can access to my library.

When i updated to v10 icant play my games.

It said access denied Disappointed

Access denied to my paid games :\

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Re: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://beta.www.ori

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me too

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Re: Iranians have no rights they aren't qualified for internationally

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hey you piece of [Comment Removed - Admin.]

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[ Edited ]
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@EA_Barry please help us

The reason was declared to be because of the US embargo and sanctions while the US sanctions have been officially lifted according to the agreement of geneva and even so, there is no such a law enforcing a US entity or company to deny access of products to Iranian which were purchased legally elsewhere.

and according to US treasury Clearly the focus of our sanctions is not on video games,” U.S. Treasury spokesman John Sullivan sai...
So while The sanctions are over and other companies in the US like Steam, are not behaving Iranian gamers like EA is, we demand EA company to take this unnecessary action back and be the good gaming platform it used to be for all of us. Gamers who supported your games in a country with no Copyright law and other economic problems that makes owning legal video games a lot harder and more expensive than any other place in the world

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Re: [Origin] Unable To Connect From Iran

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We are paying the fee of EU games in Euro currency while russians are paying half and our economy is way weaker than CIS countries , then we dont even have the rights to open the client , this is not sanction to put pressure on Iranian government , this is madness ! American companies are putting pressure on our ppl while our government is free to do anything ! 

this isnt humanitarian , Please give back our rights , we paid for legal use of EA products ! 

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