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Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

by EA_Francois

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Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

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Community Manager (retired)

Heya everyone,


For all the Mac gamers out there, Origin’s Mac Client is now available worldwide. Get the full details on the client, available games, and dual-platform play on the official Origin blog, as well a sale for The Sims 3! If you have any additional feedback, head to and tell the Origin team what you think.


One new feature will be of particular interest for gamers who play on both PC and Mac machines: dual-platform play. For select EA games (that are available on both PC and Mac), you can buy a title once on Origin, and when you log into Origin on either Mac or PC, that same game will appear in your newly unified (Mac/PC) My Games library.


You can find this new feature in your Origin client here (choose Mac as platform and you can see which of your games are available for the Origin Mac Client):





If you experience technical issues, please use this thread to let us know about any problems encountered.


Thank you and have fun,

Your Answer HQ Team

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Error Installing on Mac

★★★★ Novice

I recently downloaded "Empire:Total War Gold Edition" for my Mac, and it will not install. I tried to install origin and re-install it, but nothing has happened. Maybe I didn't do it right. 

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Re: Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

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Hi. I've downloaded The Sims 3 on my Mac via origin earlier today. It downloaded fine as far as I can tell, but it won't install. It keeps coming up with messages stating "Could not verify the integrity of the installer" and crashes without letting me continue.

I don't now if this is an issue with Origin or the game, but any help would be appreciated either way.
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Re: Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

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Hi eafrancois,

Could you provide some clarification: Would you like Mac Client users to post a reply to this thread with their issue, or would you like people to create a 'New Question' on the "Origin" thread in general?


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Re: Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

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Will sim city be added to the mac client soon? I cant figure out if i preorder Sim City now, if i will get the mac version too or not. It's a little confusing since it says PC at the top of the page, but then at the bottom it has specs listed for the mac too.

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Re: Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

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I downloaded the Spore for the Mac and it won't even start. When I fired it up for the first time, it ran through a seemingly endless patch process (Patch! Now patch again! And again! One more time! Ooops, again!)


When I finally was able to start it, I was presented by the splash screen and a silent crash. Searching for help was brutal -- absolutely brutal. I've been told for the past half an hour that I have ~15 minutes until I can "live chat." I've searched through the help that's available and found all sorts of out-dated and unreliable information. The best suggestion that I found was to uninstall and re-install. So now I have another 6 GB download before I can try this whole thing over again?

This is not acceptable. This is a really bushleague service you have here, and you're trying to compete with Steam and the Mac App store? This is embarassing.


FYI, I wanted to send this message to you privately, but I can't even figure out how to do that. When I tried to follow links to "Contact Us," this is the closest I could find.

You guys need to step it up, this is bushleague.

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Re: Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

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My Computer doesn't support the latest version of Origin

★★★★★ Newbie

I have a Mac OS X 10.5.8, and the latest version of Origin is only supported by the Mac OS X 10.6.8.......................I do not want to have buy the $20.00 software to upgrade my system because other than for a computer game it is unecessary. Is there an older version I can download? What do I do.



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Re: My Computer doesn't support the latest version of Origin

This is the first Origin client for Mac. The previous EADM no longer exists.

The interesting thing about "only supported on XXXXXXX.XXX" is that means they can only provide support if your system meets the requirements. What it does not mean is that you can't use it at all.

You know, you can try it out by downloading and running it. If you start to notice a lot of issues, then by all means remove it or upgrade.

I've played numerous PC games on "unsupported devices". This means the optimal performance that you would see when meeting the requirements will be degraded and technical support/assistance may not exist.
I've generally seen the degradation come at an even pace, eventually making the software/game unplayable.

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Re: Origin Mac Client released – AHQ welcomes Mac gamers

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I purchased Sims and now can't install it.  I have the Origin client downloaded and installed, but when it launches, it keeps giving me and error to "Install Helper".  I let it do it, and a minute or two later it pops back up again.


Moutain Lion - 4GB Ram - MacBook Air - No prior EA software installed (except for DVD Sims 3)


Bought this so I wouldn't have to keep attaching the external DVD to my MacBook Air.


"permission required new helper tool in order to continue"

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