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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

by Valadenthys

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Origin Keeps Resetting My Password!

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Apparently, a lot of people are experiencing this. When playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, Origin will reset your password. It has happened to me 5 times within 1 month. I did chat support and they all did the same troubleshooting. All said it won't happen again but it happens again. Nothing helps. I've Changed my password for both Origins and email. I've Changed the Email address used to log in. I've verified my PC 5 times yet my password will be reset by Origins. I don't know f it's just DA:I or there are other games that this is happening to. according to what I read in other forums, It seems to be DA:I only. Please find the root of the problem and fix this. Chat support is NOT helping.

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Re: I keep getting the 'We reset your password to protect your account' email.

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Community Manager



While our team is still investigating the problem on our side, some players reported that unchecking certain options in the game's menu stopped (even temporarily) sending out unwanted password resets.


Please give it a try and let us know if that also fixed the issue for you (it will help with our investigation).


Go to: Options -> Account









Our team is still investigating the problem, but they need your help in estimating a few important factors. Could you please answer the questions below:


- Do you receive password reset email every time after you launch DAI?

- Have the workaround with unchecking account options worked for you?

- If you don't reset the password on your account after receiving the email, are you still able to log in?

- We would be grateful if you could provide us with a screenshot of the email which you receiving to reset your password (please send them to me via a direct message).


Thank you so much in advance for your help!





Hey everyone!


Huge thanks to everyone who's sent screenshots of the emails to me as requested! They were very helpful Standard smile


Our experts are still investigating the problem. More updates to come.



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We reset your password to protect your account

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 Hey guys! So I got this email AGAIN while playing Dragon Age Inquisition


We reset your password to protect your account


 We have reset your EA Account password. We know this is an inconvenience, and hope you recognize that we take the safety of your personal information seriously. 


What happened?

After detecting potentially suspicious activity associated with your EA Account, we reset the password to protect your personal information. At this time, we do not think the suspicious activity is the result of unauthorized access to EA databases. We think the activity may be related to issues like phishing, using weak passwords, logging in from shared connections, or using the same password on multiple websites.

and blah blah blah

This is weird since it only happens when I'm playing Dragon Age and pause the game to do other stuff in my house. When I come back, my session expired and I have to log in again after I changed my password.
I got kinda scared about this and I changed my email too just in case but this is weird, I don't know why this is happening.
Please help, this is the second time this happens and seriously I don't know what to do.
Much regards, Camila.


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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

Community Manager

Hey @moveslikecurt


In this situation I would recommend contacting our live support via EA Help to check if your account has been fully secured and there's no suspicious activity on it Standard smile 


Our Game Advisers will be able to provide you with some extra information.


Thank you,


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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

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Hi @EA_Ataashi thanks for the quick answer.


I contacted EA live support and they created a case. I'll be waiting for their response and I'll tell you how this goes Standard smile 

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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

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Same thing happened again to me a couple of hours ago while playing the same game

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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

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Hi @EA_Ataashi, I have an update of this


Aparently according the Case EA made, the problem is resolved. They haven't contacted me or even said something. I'm attaching a print of how the case looks right now (Case 46236148), also I can't chat with an EA advisor because the chat secction of the case doesn't allow me to even chat. It looks locked and it says "Your chat case is still loading. Please check back soon.".


Also, I played again Dragon Age Inquisition today, I closed the game at 10 PM and then at 12 AM I got again the email because they reset my password for security. I'm attaching a print of the email I got.


I'm starting to think this is something related to Origin and the game mentioned because if I play The Sims 4 or any other game, this doesn't happen and I'm not the only person who has this problem. @Valadenthys is also getting this trouble.


Please, I'm starting to get anoyed at this and really worried.


Thanks in advance



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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

Community Manager



I took a look at this case in our system. It looks like the live chat didn't start properly and then after adding an attachment it was automatically closed - I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this Frown


Could I ask you to try creating a new case on EA Help?


Let me know how it will go this time. I wish I could help out directly, but such cases need to be handled by our live support.



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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

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@EA_Ataashi sure! I'll create a new case and I'll let you know how this goes.


Also I'm going to try to call live support, I'll try to do this today so this problem gets resolved soon.


I'll be posting an update later today.



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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

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Got the Same thing today from dragon age inq.  Is this a wide spreed issue?

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Re: We reset your password to protect your account

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Hi @EA_Ataashi, I have some updates about this issue.


I called today to Phone Live Support and according to what they told me, this problem may be caused by a security issue. The solution they gave me was to add more security in my account (it's ridiculous how many secret questions they made me add). Also they didn't have any evidence of suspicious activity when they looked at my account and they didn't know this was an issue until I called them. (btw I called EA Spain since EA UK didn't respond and also because english is not my primary languaje)


I'm going to play Dragon Age Inquisition right now and I'll tell you if this happens again.


Wish me luck!


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