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[IMPORTANT] Great Game Guarantee

by EA_Nils

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Re: [IMPORTANT] Great Game Guarantee

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@MewMio Hi,


You will need to contact an EA Game Advisor, they will be able to assist you:


This article here describes how:


Log in with your Origin account and choose "Origin" as Product, your Platform, "Account Security" as Topic and describe your issue to see all available contact options.

If there is no phone support or live chat available at the time, please scroll down below the Answer HQ box to check our live support availability for your region.


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Re: [IMPORTANT] Great Game Guarantee

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Then why cant i return titanfall? I bought it less than a week ago and it says im not eligible for a refund. I dont like the game, so am i stuck with it?

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Re: [IMPORTANT] Great Game Guarantee

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What a crock.

I purchased BF4, and there was a great celebratory featuring of ea's "great game guarantee" when I purchased it.


It is the first game in over 20 years of PC gaming that I have wanted to return.

I have played all the previous bf titles, and this is, by far, with regard to gameplay, the worst title of the lot.

It is obvious that ea and origin have abandoned the singleplayer aspect of their shooter games, and this will figure prominently in my future decisions NOT to purchase further titles from them.

I hve never owned a game with more * gameplay problems as bf4:

1. As a vet, I suppose I could ask some of my buds how many 338 rounds in the chest they had to land before an enemy was, at the very * least, momentarily incapacitated. Not a * one, would be my surmise.

2. I have had more tactical support from the squadmates that came with the single player game in the original Doom. Oh, wait, there were'nt any * squadmates in Doom. Those non-existent buddies killed more monsters, though. In fact, they injured more monsters than the NPCs in bf4- whose top priority seems to be to get in my way and get me shot by any one of the dead-eye enemies who can snipe you easily, regardless of range or weapon.

3. Even on "easy" difficulty. I don't expect a game to have more durable enemies than real life. Come to think of it- I stopped buying ea's tiger woods games because i had better scores on a real golf course than I did in that game.

4. The fleecing reaches a new high with ea, and that's saying something. if you want to be equipped reasonably, as if you were a troop fighting for a nation at least passingly interested in your success, it'll cost you. I guess ea are trying to replicate the phenomenon of US troops having to shell out their own money for optics, body armor, and other essential equipment when deploying for OIF/OEF. Nice touch ea.


And finally, and this one is completely on me...

5. I have never seen a company less interested in the desires and needs of its customers than ea. And I have known this since they first started * up football with their mid-90s Madden jokes, refusing year after year to address ideas from their customers, in favor of acting like some arrogant monolithic religion. I expect that some time in the not-too distant future, you will, as you did with golf, football, basketball and hockey, negotiate for sole rights to war. This means that everything that has preceded this has been for no other reason than to have a catharsis before I abandon bf4 and switch to one of my diverse, reliable, and infinitely more enjoyable Steam games.


Hey, ea, imagine how rich you'd get if your games appealed more to those of us who have a life, and don't spend endless hours developing our "gaming" skills, or who don't want to waste our time online with 14-year olds who think that simulating real combat means mashing buttons on a game controller.


You got my money. Congratulations. Now, please accept my cordial invitation to go * yourselves, ea. Subtract one customer.

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