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Re: I can't install Origin anymore

by Major-Band1t

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Re: I can't install Origin anymore

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Great to hear that you got it sorted @MathPrnt and thanks for taking the time to share what worked for you.


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Re: I can't install Origin anymore

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I have the same problem reinstalling OrginThinSetup Frown

I did not run Origin since last year and when I opened it recently it crashed.


Uninstalled Origin from add and remove programs successfully.

Downloaded the latest client and it fails to even launch. I can see the icon on the task bar momentarily before it closes.

Tried all the solutions in all the forums and still does not launch.

No problem with my windows. Ran DISM restorehealth successfully and SFC - Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

Disabled firewalls and Anti virus. Clean booted, deleted folders etc.


When I tried running an older version of the installer, v9.13.1.35109, it installed successfully.

But subsequently failed to update and provided a link to download Origin Setup (v10,5,61,37300) which also failed to launch.


Appreciate any help to resolve this so that I can start playing the game that I paid quite dearly for Standard smile





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Re: I can't install Origin anymore

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Had to install in Safe Mode.
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Re: I can't install Origin anymore


@jkohkh @MathPrnt @EA_Darko @KittyMcYiffYiff  


I solved it on my computer by doing the following. 




Make sure Origin is not running by checking task manager and stopping all origin items running. ( Give the computer a minute to run its startup and then if running Quit Origin. ( This is only running if you allowed Origin to run at start-up) I click the up arrow, lower right of taskbar, right click O and quit)


Once Origin is not running:  

Delete the Origin file in C:\programs file (x86).  Just delete that folder.


Reboot.  Run Origin Thin setup. Success ??*!!   Login in and then check your games for updates.


Likely this is an issue of game and origin needing updates, at the same time, origin web- is running and the game needs an update.



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