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Re: I can't change my password

by jkmartindale

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I can't change my password

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Today when I was trying to change my password because it Said that I had to basically. Then when I'm trying to change it it says that I don't complete all the requirements but I do. What can I do to fix this problem?
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Re: I can't change my password

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Have you made extra sure that you fulfill all requirements and that your password is long enough? If you cant get it for some reason, request another password reset link to your email and try again, you might what to clear your browser history first.


If it still denies you an option to change it, please contact support and follow this steps here: .

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Re: I can't change my password

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After a useless conversation with EA Support, I did some experimentation on my end testing out all the characters I can easily type on my US QWERTY keyboard.


Supported: '{}[]()<>$%_@;-=`:!#^&*

Not supported: ."|\/?~,


And passwords need to be 8-16 characters, inclusive.

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