Getting a refund for EA Pro Plus

by taintsmasher82

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Good morning,


I received a charge last night on my credit card for Ea Pro Plus.


Years ago, I canceled EA Pro plus and removed my credit card information from EAs system (because I was charged the year after I had signed up and didnt realize it was on autorenewal)


How do I go about getting refunded for the years of paying for a service that I canceled and removed my payment information from?


I will be out of the office next week, so If i dont hear back soon it may take a me a week to repond.




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Getting a refund for EA Pro Plus

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Last night I was charged 99.99 for Ea Pro Plus.


I canceled this subscription a few years ago, and had removed my payment info from EA because they charged me the second year for EA Pro Plus.... I didn't know it was autorenewal.


Anyhow I would like to get refunded for a service I had canceled/removed my payment info from/ and did not use.

Please let me know.



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Hey @taintsmasher82,


I would recommend reaching out to Support, you can do so here:


They will be able to look into this for you.


Thanks Standard smile


- iluminate 

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