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Re: How long will an answer take?

by Jerman_Assassin

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How long will an answer take?

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I first sent in a ticket over a week ago and updated it 5 days ago yet I’ve not received a single thing back so far. How long does it typically take for an answer regarding bans?

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Re: How long will an answer take?

Community Manager
Hi @Spooky_Ackbar,

I know this might not be what you were hoping to here but, it depends really on their workload.

The Terms of Service team aim to pick up, review and investigate the cases they get as thoroughly and efficiently as they can but there's no ETA I can offer for that.

Once they get to your case, they'll send out an email to let you know they are looking into it and when the investigations concluded, they will come back to you to let you know whether the ban is being lifted or was correctly applied.

If you've any concerns that your case might not be in the right place, please reach out to our support team. They can make sure it goes into the right queue to reach the Terms of Service team. This link will connect you to our 'contact us'page where you can submit a case to live support:

- EA_Lanna

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Re: How long will an answer take?

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@Spooky_Ackbar Just wait and always check your mail , back in my case it took 10 days with no respond so I update it and I received an email from the TOS team and an agent who helped me and fixed the problem after 2 days since I updated the case .
So be patience and wait .
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