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Error BugSplat Company of Heroes 2

by Nickows

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Error BugSplat Company of Heroes 2

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Good night.
I bought the Company of Heroes 2 been almost two months. I have a error BugSplat. The game closes alone all the time and I do not have a solution. I contacted Steam and SEGA looking for a solution, most could not resolve the error. Already sent me several different ways to try to fix and failed. I asked some form of refund, exchange or troubleshooting. I forgot I had paid for Origin, Steam tried and failed to reimburse me because of that. I've tried various ways of trying to fix the bug, please do not send me any more Video Driver. I want my exchange, refund or some sort that solution. I have all the conversations with Steam and SEGA should they need something. I am very upset with the situation. just want my money or my trading. I lost 99 reais.
I just received a message from SEGA saying the following:'' If you would like a refund, you must contact the retailer.''
I would like a response.


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Re: Error BugSplat Company of Heroes 2

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Hi nickows,


For anything related to billing, you will need to contact support.

As for the issue itself, you may have tried this previously, but if not, right click on your game within Origin and choose Repair Install. It's worth a shot if you haven't taken this step already.

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