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EA gamepass

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So this is about the EA gamepass, say I  buy the gamepass on ps4. can I still have access to the gamepass on the same EA account on the pc meaning that could i download the gamepass games that i have on ps4 on the PC?

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Hey @jams0028


To answer your question, I do not believe so. 


They are different platforms, and you may have to purchase the PC version as well.


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Re: EA gamepass

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Hey @jams0028 our membership is available on each platform for $4.99, or regional equivalent. There is no cross platform subscription at this time. As such if you wish to use EA Play on different platforms then you will need an active membership on each.


Your EA Play on PSN cannot be accessed on any other platform. If you are a Game Pass Ultimate member on Xbox you can access EA Play through EA Desktop on PC.




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