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Re: Who save games are these?

by trapt2821

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Dragon Age Inquisition: Whose save games are these?

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I haven't played Dragon Age Inquisition since January of this year. It's now March and I started Origin up today and it downloaded a bunch of updates (for Origin and for Dragon Age Inquisition). Once I started the game, my character was different and had progressed significantly in the story line. Even in my Origin account, it shows I've played the game for over 200 hours. That's obviously not possible since I only played the game for 1 month (only to level 7) and had to stop for lack of time.


Is this a problem with Cloud storage? I had it turned on but have since turned it off.


THANKFULLY, I went into my save folder and backed up the few saves I had and tried to restore my old save. It says it was successful but when I went back into the game it was still some other character. So I went back into the save game folder and noticed that 116 additional saves were now added to my folder...what is happening here? Is this a sign of my account being hacked?


Also, under my Order History, there are 2 items that were "purchased" at a time when I hadn't been using Origin. And they're in what looks to be Polish language (I only speak English). There both free, but one of them says Dragon Age something in that other language. I don't know what to do.


What should I do?

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Re: Who save games are these?

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Re: Dragon Age Inquisition: Whose save games are these?

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I'd get in touch with an EA games adviser to have them double-check if your account has been compromised. 


Click this link

Sign in with your Origin ID if necessary

Choose your country from the menu at the top of the screen. If your country isn't in the list, select UK to unlock a live chat option

Select one of the contact options offered to you and explain the situation to the adviser.

Be sure to have something like a product key/serial code from one of your games to hand as proof of ownership of the account.


You also don't state whether you've got login verification enabled. If you haven't then it may very well be worth setting up. It basically ensures that any time either you or somebody else tries to access/sign in to your account, a 6 digit code is sent to either an email or phone number of your choice. 

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Re: Dragon Age Inquisition: Whose save games are these?

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It sounds like you were hacked by someone. Once you see language from some other country, that's a good indication.


You should definitely change your passwords and your other security information. As soon as you can, do that!

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Re: Dragon Age Inquisition: Whose save games are these?

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Thanks for the info. Turned on Verification and I setup a phone call in a about 3 hours. It's Sunday so I hope they actually call.


Is there a way to rest the number of hours played and Achievements? Not sure if I can do this on my own or if EA/Origin can help.

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Re: Dragon Age Inquisition: Whose save games are these?

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Yeah, I changed my email address and password once I saw the other games and especially since they were in a different language. I don't have any billing information or credit card information ties to my account, but I changed it anyway.

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